Afrojack & Hardwell Unite for 'Push It' - A Dance Floor Sensation

Push It

Electronic dance music stars Afrojack and Hardwell have again joined forces, releasing an exhilarating new single, "Push It," featuring Meryll, who's hypnotic vocals are best known on her collaboration with Fisher's "Yeah The Girls." This dynamic collaboration, out now on all digital streaming platforms, marks their latest venture after successful past hits like "Hollywood" and "Hands Up."

"Push It" blends Afrojack and Hardwell's iconic styles, creating an instant hit. The track starts with an enticing electronic beat, leading to an addictive mantra. Meryll's hypnotic vocals, recognized from her work with Fisher on "Yeah The Girls," add a mesmerizing touch to the song, promising to captivate listeners worldwide.

Afrojack, a name synonymous with electronic dance music hits like "Give Me Everything" and "Take Over Control," has had a prolific year. Recently, he inaugurated the new home for his artist development label, WALL Recordings. This state-of-the-art studio and headquarters, nestled in the stunning Belgian countryside, promises to be a hub for nurturing new talent. Afrojack's panel discussion at the Amsterdam Dance Event highlighted his journey from a breakthrough artist to a dance music icon and founder of WALL Recordings. His partnership with The Tomorrowland Academy as a coach is another testament to his commitment to nurturing emerging talent.

Hardwell, known for chart-toppers like "Spaceman" and "Apollo," has also been riding a wave of success. His album "REBELS NEVER DIE" and a return to touring have marked a new era for the artist. His 2022 Ultra Music Festival performance in Miami signaled his resurgence, followed by a world tour, new singles, and collaborations with artists like Maddix and Timmy Trumpet.

Both Afrojack and Hardwell's labels, WALL Recordings and Revealed Recordings, jointly release "Push It." This track is a testament to their individual talents and a showcase of their ability to create magic together. Fans of Afrojack and Hardwell can expect "Push It" to be a staple at bars, clubs, and festivals, echoing the duo's global appeal and their knack for producing electrifying dance music.

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