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An EDM Radio Station with Real Personality!

EDM Sessions Radio has been online since January 1, 2011 however, it was broadcasting under a different name. In 2016, we decided to rebrand and revamp things and that is how the EDM Sessions brand came to life.

As a pioneer in bringing live personalities to an internet-only broadcast format, we are continuing that effort our live on-air personalities will be playing the best dance music in the world, from our Las Vegas studios. In addition, we will continue to host the top mixshows, presented by the world's best DJ's.

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EDM Sessions Music Conference & Expo

A New Music Conference Is Being Produced.

With its debut date to be determined, EDM Sessions is producing a new music conference for Electronic Dance Music, in the US.

Originally on track to debut in Miami, plans have changed a bit as we've moved our main focus to Las Vegas - the EDM Capital of the World.

So keep your ears open for the new conference... it's going to be AMAZING!

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Live Events Thoughout the Year

In addition to the annual conference events we will be holding in Miami, Las Vegas, and Ibiza; EDM Sessions will be producing and hosting some very exciting live performance events throughout various locations.

We're not talking festivals, that space is being executed pretty well already. We're talking about more intimate events like rooftop and pool deck events, as well as other venues.

We also have some very unique events planned that don't focus just on the music component. Check the website often for more info on those!

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The World's First EDM API

We are developing the world's first, best, and most complete technology platform - specifically for EDM.

EDM In the Cloud

Our algorithms curate and constantly check the data, to make sure that it's always relevant and accurate.

Highly Configurable

Any way you could possibly think of how you would want to use our EDM-related data, can easily be configured the way you need it.


We don't just provide the best EDM-related data, we show you all the analytics on how people are consuming it on your application.

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