BEAT Music Fund Expands, Acquires Cloud 9; Forms Armada Music Group

Maykel Piron

In a significant move within the dance music industry, BEAT Music Fund, part of Armada Music, has announced its acquisition of Amsterdam-based publisher Cloud 9 Music. This acquisition marks a strategic expansion for Armada Music, which simultaneously established the Armada Music Group as its parent company to unify its services.

The merger between Armada Music's publishing arm, Armada Publishing B.V., and Cloud 9 Music is set to create a powerful entity known as Armada Music Publishing. This move clearly indicates Armada's ambition not just to be a part of but to lead the global electronic dance music scene, projected to reach a staggering $20.9 billion by 2033.

The integration of Cloud 9 Music's valuable copyright assets and talented roster of songwriters under Armada Music Publishing is a significant development. This integration will triple the size of the team and combine expertise, creating a comprehensive back-office team with a strong focus on music publishing.

Armada Music Publishing

Armada Music Group, now the umbrella organization, aims to provide a seamless blend of label services, publishing, and catalog acquisition. "This acquisition is significant to us and will boost our ability to empower today's dance artists and expand their opportunities to monetize their work in the current landscape," explained Maykel Piron, CEO and co-founder of Armada Music Group.

The new publishing division will represent a diverse and acclaimed roster, including top-tier artists like Armin van Buuren, Brennan Heart, and Nervo. It will also manage global dance hits such as Armin van Buuren's Grammy-nominated track, "This Is What It Feels Like."

Since its inception in April 2023, the BEAT Music Fund has sought commercial and creative opportunities within the dance music sector. Following its launch, the Fund has strategically acquired several key players in the dance music domain, including the iconic New York-based King Street Sounds and UK labels such as Sola Records and VIVa MUSiC.

The establishment of Armada Music Group encapsulates Armada Music's growth trajectory. Since its founding in 2003, Armada Music has been a dominant player in the dance music industry. It is renowned for its global influence and robust catalog, boasting over 40,000 tracks and managing more than a billion streams per month.

Armada Music Group and Armada Music Publishing will continue to work in tandem, committed to nurturing and protecting dance music artists' creative and commercial rights worldwide. Armada aims to maintain its status as a beacon of innovation and success in the rapidly evolving music landscape through this integrated approach.

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