Z3LLA Dominates Dance Charts with Debut Hit 'Why Should I?'

Z3LLA - Why Should I?

Z3LLA, an electrifying female electronic duo, has rapidly ascended to the pinnacle of the dance music scene, claiming the number one spot on the Mediabase dance radio charts with their debut single "Why Should I?" Released under Lobel Music Group on January 12, 2024, the track also secured the top position on the Sirius BPM Top 20 and a commendable third place on the Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart.

The single "Why Should I?" encapsulates the quintessential euphoria of a vibrant night out, propelled by an irresistible piano sequence that maintains its upbeat essence throughout. The track is an exuberant anthem, encouraging listeners to embrace life's offerings with its optimistic message and dance-inducing chorus. Z3LLA's fusion of catchy lyrics with the classic UK House sound has crafted "Why Should I?" into the ideal soundtrack for memorable nights.

Z3LLA, comprising Julia "Juj" Seeley and Kiana Tebyani, emerged from a deep-rooted friendship into a dynamic partnership that has energized the UK house music landscape. With this fourth single, the duo has captivated audiences, securing extensive airplay and notable performances, including opening for Disco Lines and headlining at The Grand in Boston. Their recent presence at the Miami Music Week, including performances at the EDM Awards Pre-Party and the Galantis Pool Party, underscores their rising prominence in the electronic music domain.

Originating from diverse backgrounds, with one member from Brazil and the other from Persia, Z3LLA brings a multicultural flair to their music. Their journey began in 2019, quickly gaining traction and leading to a collaboration with Lobel Music Group/VarickSt./Universal Music Group and a publishing deal with Marc Kinchen ("MK") and 360 Management. Z3LLA's success is marked by their innovative approach to songwriting, vocal production, and performance, showcasing their ability to captivate audiences and dominate radio charts.

Z3LLA's rapid ascent in the dance music industry, marked by their chart-topping releases and impactful live performances, signifies a transformative era in the house music scene. With a vast catalog of unreleased tracks and forthcoming collaborations with notable artists like Marc Kinchen, NITTI, and Felix Cartal, Z3LLA is set to sustain their meteoric rise and leave a lasting legacy in the world of electronic music. Fans eagerly await their next single, "On The Weekend," anticipating another chart-topping hit that will continue solidifying Z3LLA's place in the music industry.

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