XiJaro & Pitch Delivers Euphoric Trance Journey with 'Over The Moon' on Dreamstate Records

Over the Moon

Dutch and Belgian trance duo XiJaro & Pitch are set to take the trance scene by storm with their latest release, "Over The Moon," on Dreamstate Records. This instrumental trance offering perfectly showcases their euphoric sensibilities and solidifies their place among the genre's elite. With an uplifting sound that has been polished and perfected over the past decade, XiJaro & Pitch delivers an endorphin-soaked single that propels listeners into a state of pure bliss.

"Over The Moon" pays homage to the duo's debut appearance at Dreamstate's flagship festival in Southern California in 2021. It encapsulates the uplifting energy that XiJaro & Pitch are known for, combining soaring melodies, captivating vocalizations, and captivating arpeggiations. The track takes listeners on a journey from a darker, driving note to an uplifting climax, where the duo's signature soaring chorus takes center stage. The release also includes a special "Festival Mix," engineered for an even more anthemic impact.

Over The Moon
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Reflecting on their performance at Dreamstate SoCal, XiJaro & Pitch express their gratitude and its impact on their music. They recall the overwhelming reception they received from their dedicated fans in the United States and the profound connection they felt with the audience. The experience inspired them to create "Over The Moon," infusing the track with the warmth and joy they experienced during the festival and the sunny summer weather.

XiJaro & Pitch's talent and dedication have not gone unnoticed. They have earned praise from trance icon Armin van Buuren himself, receiving an invitation to deliver a guest mix on his renowned 'A State of Trance' radio show. Their track "Bad Boys" was also featured on his recent 'A State of Trance 2023' mix compilation, further solidifying their position within the trance community. These achievements, coupled with the worldwide momentum built through their 'Chasing Dreams' livestream, have propelled XiJaro & Pitch to new heights.

Dreamstate, the home of all forms of trance and progressive music, provides the perfect platform for XiJaro & Pitch's soaring sound. As a global movement with festivals held around the world, Dreamstate embodies the power of trance music to connect, soothe, and heal. Dreamstate Records, established in 2017, has become a hub for trance excellence, with releases from renowned artists such as Vini Vici, Giuseppe Ottaviani, and Jordan Suckley.

With "Over The Moon," XiJaro & Pitch continues to push boundaries and deliver trance anthems that resonate with fans worldwide. Their dedication to their craft and ability to create immersive musical experiences is evident in every note. Get ready to embark on a euphoric journey as XiJaro & Pitch transport you to a higher state of understanding with their mesmerizing trance soundscapes. Let the captivating melodies and uplifting beats of "Over The Moon" elevate your spirit and ignite your love for trance music.

XiJaro & Pitch
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