Benny Benassi and GoodBoys Drop Electrifying Collab 'Further Away'

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In a stunning collaboration, Grammy-nominated and chart-topping duo, GoodBoys, has teamed up with the legendary Grammy-winning producer/DJ Benny Benassi to deliver an electrifying new single, "Further Away." Brace yourselves for a musical journey that marries GoodBoys' radio-friendly pop euphoria with Benny Benassi's iconic infusion of house and electro.

GoodBoys have been on a meteoric rise, captivating listeners with their infectious hooks and melodies. The duo struck gold with their debut release, "Piece Of Your Heart," alongside Meduza, surpassing a billion streams worldwide and earning double platinum status in the UK. Their follow-up track, "Lose Control," featuring Becky Hill, solidified their impact, entering the UK Top 40 in its first week and accumulating over 450 million streams.

GoodBoys are set to conquer new heights as they collaborate with the iconic Benny Benassi, whose name is synonymous with dance music excellence. A true legend in the industry, Benassi's unparalleled career boasts a GRAMMY award for his iconic hit "Satisfaction" and a history of genre-defying remixes for artists like Public Enemy and Skrillex.

"I've always loved Goodboys, and I was thrilled at the idea of working on this track together. I can't wait for it to come out!! Goodboys are on fire! They have an instantly recognizable writing style and vocal sound. Truly a joy to make music together," says Benny Benassi, reflecting on the collaboration.

For GoodBoys, the opportunity to work with Benny Benassi is an absolute honor. "Benny is a legend and a pioneer in the DJ world. It is an honor for us to have made this track together with him. We're so excited for people to hear what we've come up with, combining our sounds to make something we really love!" express the duo.

"Further Away" celebrates the powerful fusion of GoodBoys' unique dance music vibe and Benny Benassi's signature house and electro elements. The single is out now on Ultra Records, and it's already making waves on Spotify and Apple Music playlists, from "Main Stage" to "New In Dance."

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