The 'Unseen OAK' is not that unseen anymore. Since arriving at the melodic deep house scene in 2016 with his debut single "Promenade" on Cr2 Records, UOAK has received stellar support from artists and dance music platforms worldwide. His combination of Dutch and German heritage resounds in his music: solid, deep house with sparks of light throughout, making each song a late-night club filler yet perfectly suitable for daylight chilling.

2017 marked his international expansion, with shows in Paper SoHo, London, and Oslo, Norway, amongst many other hotspots throughout Europe, with even more lined up for 2021. His remix of Silent Games - UOAK Remix and originals like "Sinnerman" and "Blue Birds" has caught the attention of many international artists and platforms, marking the global deep house scene with his unique sound and ability.

As Sekora record label owner & radio show host, resident mixer of mixtape platform 1daytrack.com, curator of Melodic Deep House, and a welcome guest at several Dutch and international events, he has been building his live skills to bring the world a refreshing deep house experience, one set at a time.

Peace of mind and beautiful locations are at the roots of this tree.

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