20 Years Later 'Ocean Avenue' Reimagined by Steve Aoki & Yellowcard

Ocean Avenue

In a remarkable fusion of genres, 2x-GRAMMY-nominated DJ and music producer Steve Aoki has teamed up with the iconic pop-punk band Yellowcard to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their legendary hit, "Ocean Avenue." This collaboration has resulted in a nostalgic yet fresh dance remix that both honors and revitalizes the classic track, infusing it with dynamic dance drops and a vibrant energy that resonates with fans of both artists.

The remix's genesis can be traced back to a conversation between Ryan Key of Yellowcard and Aoki, spurred by Key's interest in electronic music and inspired by the alternative sounds featured on Aoki's recent 'HiROQUEST: Genesis' album. This mutual admiration and shared passion for diverse music genres led to a unique collaboration, culminating in a remix that perfectly commemorates "Ocean Avenue's" 20-year legacy.

Steve Aoki reflects on the collaboration, saying, "When Ryan initially reached out about this possible collab, I was really excited — especially when I discovered how much he loves electronic music. We combined our different musical styles to create a perfect fusion of alt-rock and electronic music for this track. Honoring Ocean Avenue's 20th anniversary by blending these sounds was an amazing experience."

Echoing Aoki's enthusiasm, Ryan Key adds, "I really admired the collaborations Steve was doing in the alternative rock and emo world, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect to reach out and see if we could work together for the 20th anniversary of Ocean Avenue. Steve's passion for music and creativity is infectious. The band and I are huge electronic music fans, so working with him has been an absolute career highlight."

Ocean Avenue (Steve Aoki Remix)
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Steve Aoki's remix of "Ocean Avenue" was released today under the Dim Mak label, adding another milestone to Aoki's illustrious career. With nearly 3 billion music streams, Aoki is a true visionary in the music industry. He is known for his collaborations with diverse artists and his influence on the electronic music scene. His record label, Dim Mak, has been a significant force in the music industry, launching the careers of many influential acts.

Meanwhile, Yellowcard's return to the music scene has been nothing short of triumphant. Following a six-year hiatus, their Summer 2023 tour was their most successful yet, and their new EP, "Childhood Eyes," has garnered critical acclaim. The 20th anniversary of "Ocean Avenue" comes at a time when the band's influence and popularity are at an all-time high, further solidified by this landmark remix with Steve Aoki.

Fans of both Steve Aoki and Yellowcard, as well as those with a penchant for dynamic and innovative musical collaborations, will find this remix a testament to the enduring appeal of "Ocean Avenue" and a showcase of the creative synergy between electronic and alternative rock music.

Steve Aoki & Yellowcard
Steve Aoki & Yellowcard (photo credit: Brad Heaton)

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