Adventure Club & Codeko Reunite for Melodic DnB Ballad 'Feels Like You'

Feels Like You

Grammy-nominated duo Adventure Club and British producer Codeko join forces again on Lost In Dreams Records for a heartfelt melodic drum & bass anthem.

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, where genres collide, and boundaries blur, the reunion of Adventure Club and Codeko for their latest collaboration, "Feels Like You," is a testament to the enduring power of musical synergy. The Grammy-nominated Montreal duo Adventure Club and the classically trained British producer Codeko are back with an emotive anthem that seamlessly melds elements of melodic drum & bass and electropop.

"Feels Like You" is a heartfelt journey through the intricacies of human emotion, beautifully encapsulated within its genre-blurring composition. Marking Adventure Club and Codeko's second collaboration, following the success of "Never Surrender" in 2021, a track that has garnered over 1.4 million streams to date.

This latest offering is a poignant ballad that artfully combines euphoria and melancholy. At its core lies a gripping topline, expertly delivered to evoke a longing for lost love. The lyrics trace the contours of a departed presence, expressing the universal experience of yearning for a connection that can never be reclaimed. As somber piano chords set the tone, melancholic synth leads, and breakbeat drums intensify the emotional journey. The vocals reach out for someone who's no longer there, culminating in an eruption of euphoric energy, all scored by a powerful melodic drum & bass section.

Adventure Club and Codeko's ability to seamlessly blend elements from different musical worlds is fully displayed in "Feels Like You." The result is a captivating fusion that walks the delicate line between electropop and drum & bass, offering listeners an experience that is equally catchy and exhilarating. The track weaves beauty, pain, hope, and unbridled intensity, providing a cathartic release that resonates deeply.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the collaboration, Adventure Club and Codeko shared, "This song is about the emotional journey of losing someone and wishing they were still around, but ultimately, you can't be together. Throughout the lyrics of 'Feels Like You,' the vocalist expresses the reality of wanting to move forward in life but never replacing who they are missing and the memories that were shared."

Feels Like You
Adventure Club,
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Adventure Club, hailing from Montreal, has made their mark in the electronic music scene with a sound that spans from festival-ready dubstep to emotive EDM. They are currently on their 'The Heroes & Villains' Tour, making 25 stops across North America and gracing the stages of festivals like Apocalypse: Zombieland and EDC Orlando.

On the other side of the Atlantic, British producer Codeko, armed with a master's degree in physics, has carved out a unique space in the electronic music sphere. His work has earned support from notable platforms like Illenium's 'Phoenix Radio' and ARMNHMR's 'Infinite Skies.' Codeko's debut on Lost In Dreams Records with "Remedy" was a testament to his talent, followed by his sophomore single "Violet Sky," which received widespread press support.

"Feels Like You" builds upon the established chemistry between Adventure Club and Codeko, delivering a gripping sonic experience that is a testament to their creative prowess.

As the electronic music landscape continues to evolve, Adventure Club and Codeko prove that the power of collaboration can transcend boundaries, creating music that resonates with listeners on a deeply emotional level.

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