'Already Numb' — A Melodic Dubstep Journey with Synymata, Egzod, & Josh Rubin

Already Numb

In a display of musical synergy, Synymata, Egzod, and Josh Rubin have joined forces to release "Already Numb," a track that epitomizes the essence of melodic dubstep. This single marks another notable entry in the Lost In Dreams catalog, further hyping Synymata's anticipated album with the label.

"Already Numb" showcases the unique blend of talents between Synymata, Egzod, and Josh Rubin. The track features Rubin's powerful vocals and storytelling, delving into the emotional turmoil of a failing relationship. Synymata and Egzod's production prowess shines through, creating a soundscape filled with dynamic shifts and emotional depth.

Already Numb
Josh Rubin
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The song is built around Rubin's heartfelt lyrics, complemented by Synymata and Egzod's intricate production. It progresses from pensive piano chords and orchestral strings to a climax of intense drums and epic drops, underscored by glitchy textures and soaring synth sequences. This musical journey culminates in a burst of color bass, symbolizing a cathartic release.

Synymata expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "It was a pleasure working with Egzod and Josh on this record. They're both so talented, and it was a gratifying feeling to be able to showcase the song together at Countdown NYE on the Lost In Dreams stage. Lost In Dreams has been a home to me for my music, and I can't thank them and the fans enough for all the support!"

Josh Rubin provided insight into the track's thematic core, remarking, "This track is about staying in a hopeless relationship. We've all been there and held on to certain things and people for longer than we should. It's hard to give up that comfort, so we sometimes tend to stay in a toxic situation regardless of how checked out we are. We'd rather feel nothing than feel the fear of being alone."

The collaboration between these artists is not just a musical endeavor but a reflection of their journey and evolution within the electronic music scene. Synymata, hailing from Milwaukee, has established himself in the bass music domain, collaborating with notable names and receiving acclaim from industry heavyweights. Egzod, with his global background, brings a diverse and spiritually infused sound to the table, garnering recognition and support across the EDM community. From Austin, Texas, Josh Rubin continues to ascend in the electronic music world, evolving from a sought-after vocalist to a prominent DJ/producer.

"Already Numb" is more than just a song; it's a narrative of passion, pain, and the ultimate quest for emotional liberation, encapsulated in a melodic dubstep masterpiece. With this track, Synymata, Egzod, and Josh Rubin solidify their status as leading figures in the electronic music landscape, promising more compelling works in the future.

Synymata, Egzod, & Josh Rubin
Synymata, Egzod, & Josh Rubin

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