ARTBAT & Armin van Buuren's 'Take Off' - A Landmark Trance-Techno Fusion

Take Off

In a groundbreaking move that marries the realms of trance and techno, electronic duo ARTBAT and trance pioneer Armin van Buuren have released their much-anticipated collaboration, "Take Off," through Armada Music. The track is a testament to the power of backstage conversations sparked by a chance encounter at van Buuren's flagship trance festival, A State of Trance, in 2023.

"Take Off" is a masterful blend of ARTBAT's hallmark pulsating basslines and rolling rhythms with Armin van Buuren's iconic trance builds, melodic chords, and driving bass. This fusion showcases the Ukrainian duo's distinctive production style and highlights van Buuren's unparalleled expertise in the trance genre, offering listeners a fresh and dynamic cross-genre experience.

Take Off
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ARTBAT expressed their excitement about the collaboration, noting the unique nature of working with a legend like Armin van Buuren. "Collaborating with Armin van Buuren, who is such a legend in the dance game, has been really special," they remarked. The duo also shared their surprise that this collaboration hadn't happened sooner and appreciated the unique blend it brought to their sound. "It's been enjoyable to explore and push the boundaries of both our sounds. It's an honor to have worked alongside such a groundbreaker in his lane."

Armin van Buuren reciprocated the sentiment, citing ARTBAT's performance at the previous year's A State of Trance festival as a source of immense inspiration. Despite being deeply engaged in producing his album at the time, van Buuren was struck by the potential for collaboration. "Their music prompted a lot of ideas. I thought of the 'Space Case' concept and how its theme, spoken word, and trancey stabs would chime in with the unique ARTBAT sound," van Buuren explained. He also expressed his excitement that the collaboration has finally come to fruition, describing it as "a long time coming."

"Take Off" represents a significant milestone in the evolution of electronic music, breaking down the barriers between trance and techno to create something extraordinary. Its release on Armada Music solidifies the reputations of ARTBAT and Armin van Buuren as pioneers in their respective fields. It sets a new standard for cross-genre collaborations in the electronic music scene. Fans of both artists and electronic music enthusiasts worldwide are invited to experience this innovative track, now available through Armada Music.

ARTBAT & Armin van Buuren


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