Crystal Skies Reunites with RUNN for Powerful Anthem 'Hurts Sometimes'

Hurts Sometimes

There's something uniquely enchanting when the ethereal sounds of melodic bass intertwine with soul-stirring vocals. Crystal Skies and RUNN have mastered this blend, reuniting for their latest anthem, "Hurts Sometimes," gracing the Lost In Dreams label with another gem.

A follow-up to their well-received previous works, "Hurts Sometimes" is a musical tapestry woven with threads of emotive vocals, acoustic grace, and the resonant bass that Crystal Skies is celebrated for. RUNN, with a voice that dances between the poignant and the powerful, injects the track with an emotional depth that's both haunting and healing. "Hurts Sometimes is an emotive creation that perfectly balances RUNN's moving vocal performance with Crystal Skies' melodic mastery," according to the press release.

The production duo, notable for their contributions to the melodic bass genre, have once again crafted a melody that's as profound as it is poignant. "For this record, we aimed to create more emotionally resonant songs, moving beyond merely powerful melodic dubstep tunes intended for club play," shared Crystal Skies. The track, laced with an undercurrent of end-of-summer energy, encapsulates life's tumultuous yet beautiful journey, echoing the highs and lows with every note.

Lost In Dreams, an Insomniac venture, stands as a sanctuary for music that transcends the ordinary, fostering a space where the ethereal and natural coexist. "Hurts Sometimes," with its harmonious blend of pop-leaning vocals and melodic bass, epitomizes the label's ethos of blurring lines between fantasy and reality.

As Crystal Skies continues to ascend within the melodic bass sphere and RUNN cements her status as a formidable vocal talent, "Hurts Sometimes" stands not just as a song but an experience—a journey through the aching yet beautiful terrains of life and love, an emblem of the evocative artistry that thrives under the Lost In Dreams banner.

Hurts Sometimes
Crystal Skies,
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