Crystal Skies & SOUNDR's Collab 'Growing Pains' Lights Up Lost In Dreams

Growing Pains

Crystal Skies, the esteemed melodic bass duo, has returned with a stirring collaboration alongside emerging singer-songwriter SOUNDR. Their latest release, "Growing Pains," on the Lost In Dreams label, builds upon their recent success with "Stardust" with Haliene.

This vibrant track combines Crystal Skies' signature style with SOUNDR's mesmerizing vocals, crafting a captivating blend of pop-infused melodies and profound lyricism. "Growing Pains" takes listeners on a poignant journey, touching on the universal theme of growth and change.

The song's delicate strings, dreamy piano chords, and ethereal arpeggios provide a reflective backdrop, culminating in a mesmerizing melodic dubstep drop, complete with futuristic melodies and video-game-inspired synths. SOUNDR's compelling vocals add depth and emotion, making "Growing Pains" an addictive and relatable anthem.

Growing Pains
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Crystal Skies shared their enthusiasm for this collaboration, noting, "We originally wrote this track a year ago and knew it was something special. It had an elusive quality that we couldn't quite define, and we knew it needed a distinctive vocal. Working with Kate (SOUNDR) was our long-standing desire, and this collaboration was the perfect match. I can't imagine creating this song with anyone else but her; her lyrics are profound, stirring, and undeniably beautiful. For us, 'Growing Pains' is a return to our essence, a quintessential Crystal Skies moment."

SOUNDR also offered insights into the song's narrative, explaining, "When Crystal Skies sent over the instrumental, I immediately sensed it needed a nostalgic storytelling vocal—a narrative everyone could relate to. Writing the lyrics with Lauren in just over an hour during my stay in Jacksonville felt like the instrumental was guiding us, revealing exactly what it needed to convey. This song has become one of my personal favorites. The imagery of coffee rings and misplaced keys in an empty house you once shared draws you into the story—deep into the emotions of moving forward in life, even when it's painful. 'Growing pains' are a universal constant. We all push beyond our comfort zones, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, to pursue what calls to us. This song transcends mere heartbreak; it encapsulates the human experience. When your purpose beckons, nothing can deter you, even if it means saying goodbye, even if it means enduring the pain of growth. It's simply 'Growing Pains.'"

The brainchild of Britain Holcomb and Aaron Dawsom, Crystal Skies has become a pillar in the melodic bass scene with an emotive sound that will take one's breath away. They have become staples on Lost In Dreams following their debut album 'Not Since When', and previous releases have attained radio support from iconic artists, including Illenium, Alison Wonderland, and JVNA. They are hot off an unforgettable performance on the Lost In Dreams stage at Escape Halloween and have an upcoming performance at Together As One NYE and Time Nightclub in Orange County.

SOUNDR, a Salt Lake City-based singer/songwriter, successfully navigates her solo career while simultaneously being a sought-after voice in electronic music. Her enchanting vocals have amassed millions of streams across her expanding discography.

"Growing Pains" is a captivating vocal-driven melodic dubstep anthem highlighting the collective brilliance of Crystal Skies and SOUNDR. The single is now available via Lost In Dreams Records on all major platforms.

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