Czech producer Nejvex makes double-sided debut on SLANDER's label with 'I Want Your Love' / 'Hyperion'

I Want Your Love/Hyperion

Czech producer Nejvex has officially marked his debut on SLANDER's esteemed Heaven Sent label, releasing a compelling double-sided single featuring "I Want Your Love" and "Hyperion." This release showcases his signature melodic dubstep and color bass style and ventures into the territories of house and drum & bass, demonstrating a versatile musical prowess.

"I Want Your Love" serves as the lead track, instantly captivating listeners with its bright synths and unique bird samples, painting a sonic picture of a hopeful, sunlit morning. The song skillfully melds elements of house and color bass, creating an energetic groove accentuated by love-infused vocals and vibrant, metallic rhythms. This track embodies a futuristic love anthem, brimming with an energy that commands the dance floor.

On the flip side, "Hyperion" delves into a moodier, drum and bass-inflected soundscape. Its reflective intro, combining organic samples with pensive piano keys and ethereal vocal bends, sets a mysterious tone. The transition into drum and bass drops weaves hypnotic melodies with frenetic beats, maintaining a buoyant yet introspective vibe. Nejvex's knack for integrating color bass elements brings a unique flavor to the track, keeping his distinctive sound while exploring new musical avenues.

I Want Your Love / Hyperion
Heaven Sent
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Reflecting on this dual release, Nejvex shared, "'I Want Your Love' and 'Hyperion' are my first ventures into genres I have yet to explore. I tried to infuse my own flair of color bass into both, which I feel brings a fresh perspective to these genres."

Originating from the Czech Republic, Nejvex has ascended the global music scene with his bass-heavy yet melodically rich catalog, bridging melodic dubstep and color bass. His talents have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by his official remix for SLANDER and JT Roach's hit "Watch Over Me," which garnered support from Illenium. With endorsements from industry heavyweights like Franky Nuts, Virtual Riot, Sharks, Au5, and Skybreak, Nejvex's influence in the electronic music realm is rapidly growing.

The dual release of "I Want Your Love" / "Hyperion" signifies a pivotal moment in Nejvex's career, expanding his musical horizons while retaining the core elements that have endeared him to fans worldwide. As Nejvex continues to explore and innovate within the electronic music landscape, his journey with SLANDER's Heaven Sent label promises a thrilling fusion of melodic dubstep and color bass, resonating with audiences and shaping the genre's future.


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