Deep Tropics 2024 — Kaskade, RL Grime, Sofi Tukker & Peekaboo to Headline

Deep Tropics 2024

In a blend of music, art, and sustainability, Deep Tropics Music Festival has set the stage for an unprecedented 2024 edition, promising an immersive festival experience that transcends the ordinary. Renowned for its commitment to being the greenest festival in North America, Deep Tropics has garnered high praise from notable publications like Outside Magazine, Uproxx, and The New York Times for its climate-positive initiatives and unparalleled festival ambiance.


This year, the festival announced an exhilarating lineup of headliners, stirring anticipation among fans. Grammy-award-winning artist Kaskade is set to perform a special Redux set at the Meru Amphitheatre, promising a deep dive into the roots of Deep House and underground Electronic Music. The Lotus Stage will feature genre-defying artist RL Grime, known for his exotic and massive tracks that defy expectations at every turn.

Sofi Tukker, the animated house duo, is poised to bring their vibrant sound and community-centric ethos to the Meru stage on Saturday, following their recent hit collaboration with Skrillex and sold-out shows in Tennessee caves. Peekaboo will captivate attendees with his unique production and magnetic energy at the Lotus Stage, rounding out a lineup that promises an unforgettable experience.

Deep Tropics isn't just about the music; it's a holistic experience that integrates sustainability and wellness into the fabric of the festival. The announcement of a Sustainability Summit on August 15th, curated by their non-profit organization Deep Culture, aims to bring together industry professionals and citizens to showcase regenerative solutions. This initiative underscores the festival's dedication to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

The festival experience is further enriched by the Deep Culture Amphitheater Experience, offering attendees a transformative journey through breathwork, yoga, meditation, and dance. This addition exemplifies the festival's commitment to fostering personal growth and connection among its participants.

Co-founder Blake Atchison shared his vision for the future of Deep Tropics, aiming to transform it into a week-long conference that encompasses regenerative design, wellness, and electrifying parties. "The Sustainability Summit and expanded mindful activations at the festival itself serve as stepping stones toward that goal," Atchison stated, envisioning a future where Deep Tropics becomes a pivotal event in the cultural calendar of Nashville.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Nashville's Bicentennial Park, Deep Tropics stands out for its success in producing climate-positive events, boasting waste diversion rates as high as 96% and engaging in tree-planting initiatives to offset its carbon footprint. The festival's dedication to environmental care, community engagement, and personal well-being is a testament to its transformative vision.

As tickets go on sale, festival-goers are promised more than just a music festival; they are invited to be part of a vibrant community that bridges the gap between celebration and purpose, offering a unique blend of dance music culture and a commitment to the planet's health. Deep Tropics 2024 is poised to be a landmark event, cementing its place as a must-attend festival for music enthusiasts and environmental advocates alike.

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