Disco Lines & GUDFELLA Reunite for New Single "back2u" on Thrive Music


Disco Lines and GUDFELLA, best friends and dynamic forces in the electronic music scene, have again joined forces to release their new single 'back2u.' This infectious pop-dance track, now available on Thrive Music, features the soulful vocals of GUDFELLA and is sure to captivate dancefloor enthusiasts with its irresistible rhythm and heartfelt lyrics.

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Disco Lines, known for his high-energy DJ sets and viral music content, has consistently entertained millions across various platforms. He has made a significant mark on the music industry with his engaging performances and creative output. His extensive touring schedule, which includes stops at major festivals and sold-out tours like the recent Good Good Tour, underscores his popularity and influence in the scene.

GUDFELLA, originally from the Philippines and now based in Los Angeles, brings his unique style and creative prowess to the track. His ability to turn modest ideas into impactful musical pieces is well-documented, with his work alongside notable artists like Tiësto and Tears For Fears contributing to his rising profile in the international music community.

Disco Lines & GUDFELLA

On collaborating on "back2u," Disco Lines and GUDFELLA shared, "This song is about having love for someone from a distance. Our friend groups are back home, and we're gone in different parts of the world almost every weekend, so we don't get to see each other all the time. This song is about that love and friendship being there even after not seeing each other often."

Thrive Music, the label behind "back2u," has been a significant player in the dance and electronic music industry since 1998. It boasts a history of supporting groundbreaking artists and producing various successful tracks, from underground hits to GRAMMY-nominated classics. Notable for launching the careers of icons like Paul Oakenfold and Steve Aoki, Thrive continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the sounds of the dance music landscape.

The release of 'back2u' is not just another milestone in the careers of Disco Lines and GUDFELLA, but a testament to their enduring bond and shared musical vision. As they continue to explore themes of connection and support through their music, their latest single promises to deeply resonate with listeners and fans worldwide, adding another compelling chapter to their ongoing collaborative journey.

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