DnB Veteran Danny Byrd & Rising Star Charlotte Plank Unveil Crossover Jungle Anthem 'Let U Know'

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A thrilling collaboration emerges from the world of drum & bass as renowned DnB legend Danny Byrd teams up with the rising star Charlotte Plank for their first joint endeavor, the captivating crossover jungle anthem titled "Let U Know." This electrifying blend of talents is brought to you through Black Butter, and it's destined to make waves in the dance music scene.

Danny Byrd's legacy is well-established, with over two decades of influencing the DnB world. His distinctive fusion of hip-hop and R&B elements into the realm of drum & bass has set him apart, earning him a place among the greats. With hit albums like "RaveDigger" and tracks including "Ill Behavior" and "Sweet Harmony," Byrd's musical prowess has garnered millions of Spotify streams.

His signature style doesn't just thrive within the underground; it effortlessly bridges the gap between crossover territories. His track record includes no.1 hits on the Dance Singles Chart, UK top 40 hits, and multiple plays on radio. His recent collaboration "Selecta" with D Double E amassed over 5 million streams, earning him the title of Best Bass Track at the inaugural BBC Radio 1 Dance Awards.

On the other side of this partnership is Charlotte Plank, a multifaceted artist on an upward trajectory. At just 21 years old, she has made waves in the music industry, gaining recognition as BBC Radio 1's "Best New Pop." Her achievements span from charting on the Official UK Chart to delivering stunning live performances alongside artists like Rudimental at renowned venues like O2 Academy Brixton.

Charlotte's versatility shines through her varied influences, from The Cure and Aphex Twin to The Prodigy and Goldie. Her unique blend of inspirations is reflected in her storytelling songwriting style, evident in tracks like "White Noise," where she delves into the complexities of relationships and self-discovery.

Their collaborative track "Let U Know" encapsulates the exhilaration of new love against the backdrop of cautious optimism. With enchanting melodies that capture the essence of summer and Charlotte's emotive vocals, the song takes listeners on a journey through an intricate interplay of emotions. Set against the backdrop of signature jungle breakdowns, "Let U Know" perfectly combines Charlotte's raw energy with Danny Byrd's seasoned artistry, resulting in a hit that transcends genres.

"Let U Know" is more than just a song; it's a testament to the power of collaboration and the boundless possibilities of music. As Danny Byrd and Charlotte Plank unite their talents, they breathe new life into the world of drum & bass, reminding us of the captivating stories that dance music can tell.

Let U Know
Danny Byrd,
Charlotte Plank
Black Butter
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Danny Byrd & Charlotte Plank
Danny Byrd & Charlotte Plank

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