DubVision & AFROJACK Make Waves with 'Underwater' — an EDM Masterpiece


Known for their groundbreaking collaborations, DubVision and AFROJACK have again stirred the EDM community with their latest release, "Underwater." This track marks another milestone in their partnership, delivering an electrifying experience that promises to captivate listeners worldwide.

"Underwater" emerged from a creative process that spanned nearly a year, beginning with a vocal that instantly captured DubVision's imagination. Initially, the duo set out to craft a progressive track but felt the results didn't meet their high standards, leading to the project being shelved. However, the latter part of 2023 saw a resurgence of inspiration, prompting DubVision to revisit and revamp the track with a fresh perspective.

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Understanding the missing link in their project, DubVision reached out to AFROJACK, a move that proved to be pivotal. AFROJACK's immediate connection with the track's concept and his eagerness to contribute transformed "Underwater" into a masterpiece of collaboration. As AFROJACK himself became involved, the track evolved into a spectacular showcase of what happens when these musical powerhouses converge.

"Underwater" stands as the latest in a series of successful collaborations between DubVision and AFROJACK, following hits like "New Memories," "Back To Life," "Anywhere With You," and "Feels Like Home," the latter of which became the official anthem for the F1 Dutch Grand Prix in 2022. This new track is characterized by its hypnotic beat, enthralling vocals, and an electrifying drop that is bound to become a staple in clubs, bars, and festivals across the globe.

Available on all digital streaming platforms, "Underwater" is not just a song but an experience promising to immerse listeners in its deep, captivating soundscapes. As DubVision and AFROJACK continue to push the boundaries of electronic dance music, their latest creation is a testament to their innovative spirit and commitment to delivering unforgettable musical moments.

With "Underwater," the duo has set a new standard for what is possible in dance music collaborations. As the track makes its way to dance floors worldwide, it's clear that DubVision and AFROJACK have once again captured the essence of what makes electronic music so compelling. For fans and newcomers alike, "Underwater" is a thrilling journey into the depths of sound, crafted by some of the most influential artists in the industry.

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