DubVision and Nu-La Unveil 'The Horizon (With You)' — A Musical Odyssey Born at STMPD Studios

The Horizon

The electronic music landscape has a new anthem to echo through its speakers and reverberate in its fans' hearts. DubVision, the formidable brotherly duo of Victor and Stephan Leicher, is back with an electrifying new single, "The Horizon (With You)," featuring the talented singer-songwriter Nu-La. Notably, the track was previewed by none other than Martin Garrix during his set at Tomorrowland, and it's finally here for the masses, released through the famed STMPD RCRDS.

The Genesis of "The Horizon (With You)"

What sets this single apart is its unique origin story. The track was conceived during a writers' camp at the renowned STMPD Studios, marking a four-day creative marathon for DubVision. Known for their melodic ingenuity and top-notch production skills, the brothers joined forces with Nu-La to pen what can only be described as an electrifying contribution to electronic music.

The press release elaborates on the partnership: "DubVision, consisting of brothers Victor and Stephan Leicher, embarked on a four-day creative journey at the renowned STMPD Studios, bringing their melodic prowess and exceptional production skills. To elevate the project further, they invited the talented songwriter and vocalist Nu-La to collaborate on this musical adventure."

Not Just a Song, But a Preview of More to Come?

"The Horizon (With You)" isn't just a standalone triumph; it's part of a larger collection that hints at more sonic gems to come. According to the press release, the four-day stint at STMPD Studios produced "five remarkable tracks," which raises the tantalizing possibility that "The Horizon (With You)" may just be the first in a string of upcoming releases from DubVision and Nu-La.

Why STMPD RCRDS is the Perfect Platform

It's worth noting that STMPD RCRDS, the label through which "The Horizon (With You)" was released, has long been a bastion for cutting-edge electronic music. Their reputation for curating and supporting boundary-pushing projects makes them the ideal platform for DubVision's latest venture. As the track already earned a preview play from Martin Garrix at Tomorrowland, it seems set to become another jewel in the STMPD RCRDS crown.

Final Thoughts: The Horizon Looks Bright for DubVision and Nu-La

The release of "The Horizon (With You)" signals not just another hit for DubVision and Nu-La but also a promising outlook for what's next in their musical journey. Fans and electronic music lovers should keep their eyes on the horizon, as it seems likely that DubVision and STMPD RCRDS will continue to shape the genre's future.

The Horizon (With You)
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