DVRKCLOUD & Vaance Unveil Electropop Gem 'Forever Now' With Inés Rae

Forever Now

In a world where electronic music often blurs lines between genres, the latest offering from DVRKCLOUD and Vaance, titled "Forever Now" featuring Ines Rae, stands out as a testament to the power of collaboration and emotional resonance. Released under the Lost In Dreams imprint, this track is a vibrant addition to both artists' discographies and the label's growing collection of hits.

"Forever Now" emerges as an uplifting melodic bass anthem, infused with the essence of love and an undeniable energy that resonates through its runtime. The track marks DVRKCLOUD's notable return to Lost In Dreams, following his impactful single "Crying Over You" and contributions to the label's esteemed 'Gateway' compilation series.

Forever Now
Ines Rae
Lost In Dreams
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The collaboration is a globe-spanning endeavor that brings together the talents of Indian producer DVRKCLOUD, American producer Vaance, and London-born vocalist Ines Rae. Their combined efforts have birthed a track that is as compelling as it is catchy, characterized by Rae's enchanting vocals and a lyrical narrative centered on unwavering commitment and the joy of finding 'the one.'

DVRKCLOUD shared his enthusiasm about the project, stating, "Thrilled to return to Lost in Dreams! Working with Insomniac has been an absolute pleasure. They have believed and supported my project from its early stages. The collaboration with Vaance and Ines has resulted in something extraordinary, and we can't wait for listeners to experience and appreciate it."

The song is a rich tapestry of sound, weaving together pop sensibilities with electronic flourishes—retro synths, choppy drums, and melodic leads—that create an infectiously romantic vibe. It's a track that aims to capture the heart and invigorate the spirit, embodying a pure, fun-filled essence that DVRKCLOUD and Vaance are becoming known for.

DVRKCLOUD continues to rise in the melodic bass scene, drawing attention with his emotion-packed productions and unique sound that has garnered support from heavyweights like Sirius XM, ARMNHMR, and Illenium. Similarly, Vaance's journey from Ohio to Los Angeles has seen him blend his pop-punk roots with dance music, leading to a series of successful collaborations and a distinct rock-fueled dance sound.

"Forever Now" is not just a single; it's a milestone for DVRKCLOUD, Vaance, and Ines Rae, showcasing their ability to craft music that transcends geographical boundaries and connects with listeners on a deeply emotional level. Available on all platforms, this track highlights what Lost In Dreams Records stands for—a fusion of fantasy and reality brought to life by the imaginative minds of its artists.

Lost In Dreams, an Insomniac Music Group imprint, continues to push the envelope in the electronic music scene. With a focus on future bass, melodic dubstep, and vocal-driven dance music, the label, alongside its festival and events series, aims to offer an unparalleled experience that captivates audiences and artists alike. As "Forever Now" joins the ranks of Lost In Dreams' offerings, it's clear that the label's vision of blurring the lines between the fantastical and the real is being realized one track at a time.




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