Fred V Drops New Single 'Take You There' from Upcoming Album

Take You There

Few names resonate as vibrantly in the realm of drum and bass (D&B) as Fred V. The multi-instrumentalist, radio host, and esteemed producer is on the brink of releasing his second solo studio album, heralded by the debut single "Take You There." This track promises to elevate his status further in the D&B genre under the banner of Hospital Records.

Fred V's journey in music is distinguished by his diverse influences, ranging from film soundtracks to indie and synth wave, all of which have helped shape his unique sound—a euphoric and melodic take on D&B that has captured the ears of listeners worldwide. His prowess is not confined to the studio; Fred V is also a recognized figure on the airwaves, hosting a radio show where he explores the latest and greatest in D&B.

His upcoming album is a collection of songs and a showcase of collaborations, including a notable track titled "Faded Blue" with the acclaimed duo Hybrid Minds. This track and others promise to blend Fred V's exhilarating style with club-ready beats, intricate drops, and uplifting lyrics that have already set a high bar with "Take You There."

Take You There
Fred V
Hospital Records
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Fred V's influence extends beyond the studio and radio. He has captivated audiences at major festivals such as Hospitality on the Beach, Let It Roll, Liquicity, and Secret Garden Festival. His 2023 schedule is packed with appearances across various international stages, including Boomtown, Rampage, Noisily Festival, and club dates in New Zealand, Bali, Germany, and Belgium.

Reflecting on his musical journey and the creation of his latest single, Fred V shared, "Take You There is about pushing the boundaries of what we can do with D&B. It's thrilling to think about how it will resonate with fans across the globe."

Fred V

The excitement and anticipation for Fred V's album are tangible among his dedicated fan base and his peers. The support from tastemakers like Danny Howard, Clara Amfo, and Charlie Tee has further fueled the anticipation. With the stage set by "Take You There," Fred V is on the cusp of a monumental summer, brimming with new music and unforgettable live performances, cementing his status as a powerhouse in the D&B community.

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