GRAMMY-Nominated Grey Drops 'IDK' Final Prelude to Anticipated CONTRA EP


In an industry brimming with fast-paced rhythms and dynamic beats, GRAMMY-nominated duo Grey, composed of brothers Kyle and Michael Trewartha, continues to solidify their place in the pantheon of pop and electronic music greats. Known for their mega-hit collaborations with icons such as Zedd, Camila Cabello, and Sofia Carson, Grey is no stranger to the upper echelons of musical acclaim.

Today marks a significant milestone as Grey unveils "IDK," the final single off the CONTRA EP. "IDK" emerges as a grandiose, impeccably produced track that not only resonates with the bass house essence of its predecessors but also stands out for its intricate layering of instruments, heart-pounding drum programming, and a distinctive bass sound crafted ingeniously using a guitar.

"IDK" commences with a cinematic flair, featuring lush piano, choral chanting, and orchestral strings, setting an evocative backdrop. It then crescendos into an incendiary bass house drop characterized by trunk-rattling bass, crisp drum production, and ethereal sound design. The track's second drop shifts focus to scintillating hi-hats, culminating in a house music experience that's both explosive and cathartic.

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Reflecting on their creative process, Grey shared, "We've been really inspired by various non-English vocal samples because they provide a completely unique style that we would never get in a writing session in English. It's really cool to see what kind of melodic decisions are made by generations of music and writing styles in each region of the world. Being able to use these samples without having to travel is one of the best parts about the internet and the modern music industry. For 'IDK,' we also wanted to try making the main bass sound out of a guitar, which was a really tricky challenge. Overall, we're really happy with the fusion of sounds we ended up with!"

Their journey, marked by a string of viral remixes of tracks by luminaries like Skrillex, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande, took a monumental turn with their work on Zedd's "The Middle." This dance-pop anthem not only clinched the #1 spot on the US Top 40 charts for five consecutive weeks but also garnered three GRAMMY nominations and two iHeartRadio Music Awards. Following the triumph of "Starving," a 4x Platinum Record featuring Hailee Steinfeld, Grey is now geared to steer from the background to the forefront with their upcoming CONTRA EP.

Scheduled for release next Friday, February 2, the CONTRA EP is a 5-track compendium that promises a lavish blend of deep bass and grimy house elements. With the essence of adventure, emotion, and unfettered creativity, the EP is set to redefine Grey's stature in the music world.

The EP's anticipation was stoked by the release of its first three singles: "7-DS feat. AWAY," "RAVEN feat. Virtual Riot," and the titular "CONTRA." Each track is a testament to Grey's mastery of electronic production, characterized by dynamic, bass-fueled arrangements.

As Grey gears up for the release of their CONTRA EP, the industry and fans alike await with bated breath, ready to embrace a new chapter in the duo's illustrious career. With their consistent track record of viral hits and chart-toppers, "IDK" and the entire CONTRA EP are poised to be more than just additions to their discography – they're milestones in electronic music's evolution.


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