Keke Palmer & Aloe Blacc Elevate 'Little Do You Know' in Toby Gad & Axel Cooper Remix

Little Do You Know

In an electrifying new release that promises to redefine the dance music landscape, Axel Cooper teams up with legendary songwriter Toby Gad for a remix of 'Little Do You Know,' featuring powerhouse vocals from Keke Palmer and Aloe Blacc. This high-octane track is not merely a party anthem but heralds a dance floor revolution, melding heart-pounding beats with an ecstatic trance aura reminiscent of rave's golden age.

Aloe Blacc spearheads the charge with explosive vocals that dominate the chorus, setting the stage for American movie star Keke Palmer's dynamic entry. Palmer's voice, interwoven with the frenetic production, adds a layer of finesse that elevates the track to a mesmerizing auditory experience. Together, they don't just play music; they unleash a sensory onslaught that promises to keep the dance floor alive and throbbing with energy.

Little Do You Know
Axel Cooper,
Toby Gad,
Keke Palmer,
Aloe Blacc
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This collaboration is a testament to the Midas touch of both artists, seamlessly blending their unique sounds. Axel Cooper, a name synonymous with major electronic hits and collaborations with artists like Alok, VIZE, and Yves V, brings his signature high-intensity production to the forefront. Meanwhile, Toby Gad, a Grammy Award-winning songwriter with credits including Beyoncé's 'If I Were A Boy' and Fergie's 'Big Girls Don't Cry,' revisits his 2014 hit 'Little Do You Know,' infusing it with a fresh, electrifying energy a decade later.

Aloe Blacc celebrated for anthems like 'I Need A Dollar' and his collaboration on Avicii's 'Wake Me Up,' alongside Keke Palmer, a Primetime Emmy and BET Award winner recognized as one of Time Magazine's most influential people, combine their stellar talents to bring an unforgettable vocal performance.

The track's origins as a TikTok phenomenon, with over one million user-generated videos and 700 million Spotify streams, underscore its widespread appeal and the potential of this remix to captivate audiences anew. With its raw, unapologetic energy and emotional depth, the 'Little Do You Know' remix by Axel Cooper & Toby Gad, featuring Keke Palmer and Aloe Blacc, is set to be the soundtrack for nights of unbridled joy and dance floor euphoria.

Aloe Blacc, Axel Cooper, Toby Gad, Keke Palmer
Aloe Blacc, Axel Cooper, Toby Gad, Keke Palmer

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