Marsh Releases 'Warrior' — An Anthem of Resilience & Dedication


UK-born, US-based progressive house artist Marsh has unveiled his latest single, "Warrior," a poignant tribute to his best friend's valiant fight against leukemia. This release, out now on Anjunadeep, is not just a musical journey but also a personal story of resilience and deep friendship.

"Warrior" stands out as a testament to the strength and courage of Marsh's best friend, Jimmy, who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2022. Despite the challenges, Jimmy showed remarkable fortitude, undergoing treatment and recently achieving two clear scans. Marsh celebrates this journey, saying, "'Warrior' is a humble tribute to his incredible fight—a reminder that he's not just a survivor but a champion."

The track itself is a blend of confidence, fearlessness, and power, reflecting the qualities Marsh sees in Jimmy. With its sublime progression and epic moments, it promises to captivate listeners and become a favorite in DJ sets worldwide. Marsh's connection with his friend and their shared experiences, from childhood antics to a shared love of trance music, infuses the song with emotional depth and sincerity.

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In addition to its musical impact, "Warrior" serves a charitable purpose, with Marsh organizing fundraising events in London and through a live stream from Kew Gardens. All proceeds are directed to Leukemia UK, highlighting Marsh's commitment to giving back and supporting the fight against the disease.

Marsh's upcoming tour and the launch of his new hybrid club show, "Aria," featuring live vocals and performances, mark the next chapter in his career. His journey from the early days of crafting beats to becoming a favorite on the Anjunadeep roster and a notable figure in the melodic house scene is a story of passion and dedication to music.

As Marsh continues to evolve artistically, his work reflects his emotional journey and commitment to his craft and community. "Warrior" is more than a single; it's a narrative of enduring friendship, a battle fought and won, and the unbreakable spirit of those who face life's toughest challenges.



  • April 12 - MDLR - Thugshop - Singapore 
  • April 13 -  Creamfields Hong Kong 2024 - Central, Hong Kong 
  • April 18 -  Darby Street Station - Auckland, New Zealand 
  • April 19 - Manning Bar - Sydney, Australia 
  • April 20 - Howler Garden - Melbourne, Australia 
  • April 20 - La La Land - Brisbane, Australia 
  • April 21 - Port Beach Brewery Perth, Australia 
  • Apr 26 - Arora - New Orleans, LA 
  • Apr 27 - Project GLOW 2024 - Washington, DC 
  • May 10 - Marsh presents Aria - HERE at Outernet - London, United Kingdom 
  • May 11 - Marsh Presents Aria - New Century Hall - Manchester, United Kingdom 
  • May 17 -  Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2024 - Brussels, Belgium
  • May 19 - EDC - Las Vegas, NV 
  • May 24 - Wav.Forms - Warsaw, Poland
  • May 25 - Cercle festival - Paris, France
  • June 8 - Regenerate Fest - Denver, CO
  • June 9 - Haralson Room - Minneapolis, MN

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