Martin Garrix Teams Up With Seth Hills on 'Biochemical' and Teases 'IDEM' EP


In a strategic collaboration that marks a new chapter in electronic dance music, Martin Garrix and Seth Hills unveil "Biochemical," a track that already has the global dance music community fired up. This release showcases the synergy between these two powerhouse artists and sets the stage for Garrix's upcoming EP, "IDEM," which is eagerly anticipated to hit the airwaves next Friday.

First introduced to the world at Ultra Miami 2023, "Biochemical" quickly became the talk of the town, serving as the perfect opener to Garrix's ID-laden set. The track's unique blend of orchestral strings and atmospheric elements captured the audience's imagination, providing a spine-tingling start to what would be a memorable performance. Its robust synths and bass components have since made "Biochemical" a cornerstone of Garrix's performances, generating widespread excitement and anticipation among his global fan base.

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The story behind "Biochemical" is one of friendship and mutual artistic admiration. Seth Hills shared, "Martin and I have been friends for years, and we have always been down to work on a track together. We always bounced ideas around, looking for the perfect fit. When we made 'Biochemical,' we immediately knew this was the one. Seeing it played out on the main stages opening Martin's insane set and the endless responses we got to it has been a surreal experience."

This collaboration is a brilliant demonstration of Garrix's and Hills' ability to merge their talents into a track that resonates on both a sonic and emotional level. "Biochemical" serves as a precursor for the "IDEM" EP, showcasing Garrix's dedication to evolving the soundscape of electronic dance music. Under the banner of STMPD RCRDS, Garrix continues to challenge the status quo, reinforcing his role as a visionary in the field.

The anticipation surrounding "IDEM" is palpable, with "Biochemical" acting as a powerful prelude to what promises to be a groundbreaking collection of tracks. This partnership between Martin Garrix and Seth Hills underscores their individual artistry and their collective influence on the direction of EDM. As the release date for "IDEM" approaches, the excitement builds for what is set to be a monumental contribution to the electronic dance music genre, further cementing the legacies of Martin Garrix, Seth Hills, and STMPD RCRDS.

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