Martin Garrix Unveils "Carry You" with Third Party, Oaks, & Declan J Donovan

Carry You

In a move that's been buzzed about since its first play, Martin Garrix, in collaboration with Third Party, Oaks, and Declan J Donovan, has finally dropped the long-awaited track "Carry You," marking another milestone release for STMPD RCRDS. This powerhouse collaboration brings together a dynamic mix of talents, showcasing a track that promises to be an anthem for many.

"Carry You" made its electrifying debut during Martin Garrix's set at the Ultra Music Festival 2023, sending waves of excitement throughout the electronic music community. The track, known for its iconic intro, has been a tantalizing tease in Garrix's shows throughout the year, building a palpable anticipation among fans for its official release.

Carry You
Third Party,
Declan J Donovan
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The collaboration between Martin Garrix and Third Party isn't new; the artists have expressed a mutual desire to work together again following their successful track "Lions In The Wild." "Last year everything came together, and a new track was born, with one of the most infectious melodies we've ever been a part of," shared Third Party. The addition of Oaks and Declan J Donovan has only elevated the track, infusing it with a level of euphoria and emotional depth that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

Oaks brings a deeply personal touch to "Carry You," describing the song as a "warm hug" and a reminder of the comforting presence of loved ones. "It makes me think of all the beautiful people that helped me through the darkness," Oaks reflected, sharing the emotional foundation that makes "Carry You" more than just a track but a message of hope and resilience.

Declan J Donovan's involvement in the project stemmed from a serendipitous meeting with Garrix in Amsterdam, turning what was a casual encounter into a creative partnership. Donovan expressed his excitement about being part of "Carry You," emphasizing the honor and anticipation surrounding the track's release.

"Carry You" is not just a testament to the production skills of Martin Garrix and the unique sound of Third Party but also highlights the powerful vocals of Oaks and Declan J Donovan. The track's melody and lyrics resonate with listeners, making it a potential staple in playlists and sets worldwide.

Released on February 16, 2024, through STMPD RCRDS, "Carry You" reflects Garrix's commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music and fostering collaboration. This track is a beacon of Garrix's innovative vision and his label's reputation for quality and groundbreaking music. With "Carry You," Martin Garrix, Third Party, Oaks, and Declan J Donovan have delivered a track that not only meets but exceeds the high expectations set by their collective talent and passion.

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