Matisse & Sadko's Euphoric 'Lefka' Steals the Spotlight as the Closing Track of STMPD RCRDS & Tomorrowland Music EP

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Prepare to be swept away by the anthemic sounds of Matisse & Sadko as they unveil the euphoric masterpiece 'Lefka,' serving as the closing track for the extraordinary STMPD RCRDS x Tomorrowland Music EP. Matisse & Sadko have truly outdone themselves with this uplifting and ecstatic creation, a perfect embodiment of their signature style of emotive and dreamy progressive house music.

'Lefka' stands tall as the final release in the unique partnership between STMPD RCRDS and Tomorrowland Music. With blissful vocals and a delirious drop, the track is a soaring tribute to Matisse & Sadko's exceptional production skills and ability to craft powerful melodies that leave a lasting impact.

This year's STMPD RCRDS x Tomorrowland Music EP features six mesmerizing releases, each showcasing the distinct talents of renowned artists within the electronic dance music scene. 'Lefka' follows in the footsteps of other exceptional tracks, such as 'P.R.O.G.2' by DubVision, 'Aspirin' by Julian Jordan, 'Hurricane' by label boss Martin Garrix, Sentinel, and Bonn, 'Rewind' by Goodboys, and 'Confessions' by Fancy Inc and Fredrik Ferrier.

The collaboration between STMPD RCRDS and Tomorrowland Music culminates in a grand celebration, with both esteemed record labels co-hosting the STMPD RCRDS x Tomorrowland Music stage at Tomorrowland Belgium on Saturday, July 22. It promises to be an unforgettable event where fans can experience the magic of these incredible tracks in a live setting.

Matisse & Sadko are delighted to share 'Lefka' with their devoted fanbase, reflecting on the journey of creating the track over five years. The duo expresses their joy in contributing to such a remarkable compilation and hopes their fans will be captivated by the enchanting sounds of 'Lefka.'

Prepare to be mesmerized by the vibrant and uplifting melodies of 'Lefka' as Matisse & Sadko take you on a euphoric journey. This glorious closing track of the STMPD RCRDS x Tomorrowland Music EP is a testament to the duo's exceptional talent and ability to create music that resonates deeply with their audience. Get ready to experience the magic of 'Lefka' and join the celebration of electronic dance music's finest at Tomorrowland Belgium.

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