Rico 56 Teams with Korzana & twofaced. for 'Something Real'/'Strangers' on NIGHTMODE

Something Real/Strangers

In an electrifying blend of talent and rhythm, the music label NIGHTMODE is all set to drop its 13th season of releases, headlined by the compelling two-track house offering "Something Real" / "Strangers" from the dynamic trio: Rico 56, Luxe Agoris, and Korzana. This collection marks a significant return for Rico 56 to NIGHTMODE, aligning his innovative soundscapes with Dutch sensation Luxe Agoris and the emerging talent from Denmark, Korzana.

Rico 56, no stranger to the music scene, is revisiting the platform that spotlighted his unique vibe with his earlier hit "Falling For You." This time, Rico 56's collaboration, twofaced., serves as the vessel for this new auditory experience, uniting his profound musicality with Luxe Agoris's signature beats and Korzana's fresh perspective.

The lead single, "Something Real," is a raw, emotive journey articulated through Rico's visceral vocals, encapsulating the heart-wrenching realization of a looming end and the daunting prospect of life without a beloved. This track is not just a song; it's an experience where pain and rhythm coalesce, offering listeners a cathartic release through its dance-inducing beats and contemplative lyrics. twofaced. describes "Something Real" as a manifestation of the void felt in the absence of that special someone, a void so profound it propels a relentless search for anything tangible to fill it.

Complementing the emotional depth of "Something Real" is its counterpart, "Strangers." This B-side track takes listeners on a different yet equally poignant journey, exploring the aftermath of love lost. The track's vocals, both stirring and grounded, paint a vivid picture of a once vibrant love now fading into the echelons of memory. The haunting vocal bends and the driving drums lend "Strangers" a unique aura, encapsulating the bleak, relentless quest to reclaim what is irretrievably gone. twofaced. vividly describes "Strangers" as the embodiment of a disintegrating relationship, where the intimacy once shared is now an elusive memory.

Something Real/Strangers
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Behind these profound tracks are artists with equally compelling stories. Rico 56's journey from a child entranced by every radio tune to a Montreal-based maestro with over 17 million Spotify streams is a testament to his relentless passion and diverse musical exploration. Luxe Agoris, a 22-year-old prodigy from The Netherlands, translates his life mission to spread joy into his music. This endeavor began in the confines of his bedroom and blossomed at the Herman Brood Academy.

NIGHTMODE, a brainchild of the Insomniac Music Group, continues to redefine the music landscape, curating unique sounds and fostering unparalleled talent. With Rico 56, Luxe Agoris, and Korzana setting the tone for its 13th season, NIGHTMODE is not just releasing tracks; it's orchestrating an emotional odyssey, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the depths of "Something Real" and "Strangers."

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