Rival & Diandra Faye Drop 'Scars' — A Melodic Dubstep Journey


In a stunning collaboration, Rival and Diandra Faye unveil their latest single, "Scars," out now on Lost In Dreams Records. This marks a significant addition to the world of melodic dubstep. "Scars emerges as a poignant narrative of overcoming the turmoil of a destructive relationship, showcasing the unique talents of both artists in a track that resonates with listeners on a deeply emotional level.

Rival, a name synonymous with inventive electronic music, returns to Lost In Dreams after the success of his previous works, including "Knock On Wood" and "Say The Word." Diandra Faye, celebrated for her emotive vocal delivery and impressive songwriting, rejoins the label following her contribution to Crystal Skies' debut LP with "Good Enough." Their collaboration on "Scars" is a testament to their shared passion for crafting music that speaks to the heart.

Diandra Faye
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The track is a masterful blend of cinematic elements and the raw energy of melodic dubstep. Opening with a stirring combination of piano and strings, it quickly evolves into a powerful narrative driven by Faye's compelling vocals. The lyrics, centered on healing and resilience, are set against a backdrop of dynamic drums and intense bass drops, creating an immersive and uplifting experience.


Rival, hailing from Germany, brings his background in jazz and classical music to the fore, infusing "Scars" with a rare depth and complexity in electronic music. He shared his enthusiasm about the project, noting, "'Scars' reflects my personal style, combining emotional piano, orchestral elements, and a powerful chorus leading to an intense drop. It is a testament to Lost In Dreams' commitment to innovation."

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Diandra Faye

With her roots in the Netherlands and a rich background in music theory, Diandra Faye adds a layer of sophistication to the track with her nuanced vocal performance. Having collaborated with notable names across the electronic music spectrum, Faye's experience shines through in the emotional resonance of "Scars."

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This collaboration between Rival and Diandra Faye is not just a musical milestone for both artists but also a beacon of creativity in the melodic dubstep genre. As they both prepare for tours in Europe and the United States, "Scars" stands as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of music, embodying the spirit of growth, recovery, and the relentless pursuit of pushing musical boundaries.

With over 359 million streams to his name, Rival's dedication to evolving his sound is matched by Faye's prowess in creating hauntingly beautiful melodies. Together, they have crafted a track that not only highlights their individual strengths but also sets a new standard for collaboration in the industry.

As "Scars" progresses through the electronic music scene, it's clear that Rival and Diandra Faye have created something exceptional. Their shared commitment to pushing the envelope of what's possible in melodic dubstep is evident, making "Scars" a must-listen for fans of the genre and beyond.

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