Seven Lions Revives OceanLab's 'Satellite' on Anjunabeats

Seven Lions Revives OceanLab's 'Satellite' on Anjunabeats

Seven Lions' long-awaited remix of OceanLab's classic track 'Satellite' has officially been released on Anjunabeats in a move that bridges over a decade of electronic music history. This marks a significant moment for fans of the genre, intertwining the legacies of Seven Lions, OceanLab, and the influential Above & Beyond group.

OceanLab, known for their chart-topping endeavors, is a collaborative project between Above & Beyond members Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, Paavo Siljamaki, and singer-songwriter Justine Suissa. Their 2004 hit 'Satellite' not only achieved a peak position at number 19 in the UK singles chart but also became a cult classic, often echoing through Above & Beyond's performances.

The story of Seven Lions, or Jeff, intertwines with Above & Beyond starting in 2011 when he won a remix competition with his unique take on Above & Beyond's 'You Got To Go.' His distinctive style, blending high-energy, bass-heavy dance music with a focus on songwriting, quickly caught the trio's attention. This connection sparked multiple collaborations and remixes, cementing Seven Lions as a significant name in the Anjunabeats roster. His notable works include the remix of 3LAU's 'Tokyo' and the track 'Higher Love' with Jason Ross and Paul Meany.

Satellite (Seven Lions Remix)
Seven Lions
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The release of 'Satellite' (Seven Lions Remix) is a nod to the past and a celebration of OceanLab's enduring influence in the dance music scene. With a discography that includes top UK singles and albums, OceanLab's sound, characterized by Justine Suissa's captivating voice and melodies, has been a pillar in the dance music world.

This remix is part of the larger 'OceanLab: The Anthology' project, which aims to honor the iconic trance group through new remixes, a digital compilation, and a limited edition vinyl box set. It represents a convergence of styles and eras, a testament to the evolving yet timeless nature of the genre.

The 'Satellite' (Seven Lions Remix) is more than just a track; it's a homage to the legacy of both OceanLab and Seven Lions and a testament to Anjunabeats' role in shaping the landscape of electronic music. Available now, this remix not only celebrates history but also paves the way for future innovations in the genre.

Remix available as part of ‘OceanLab: The Anthology’ vinyl box set; now available to pre-order 
at the Anjuna Music Store and to be shipped in early 2024

Preorder ‘OceanLab: The Anthology’ box set here

Stream OceanLab - ‘Satellite (Above & Beyond's 2023 Progressive Mix)’ here
Stream OceanLab - ‘Beautiful Together’ (Genix Remix)’ here

OceanLab: The Anthology (limited edition vinyl box set)   
Released: early 2024

Package includes: 

Acoustic Reworks - 12"

  • “Miracle (Acoustic Mix)” 
  • “Satellite / Stealing Time (Acoustic Mix)”
  • “Sirens Of The Sea (Acoustic Mix)”
  • “On A Good Day (Acoustic Mix)”

New Remixes - 12"  

  • “Satellite (Above & Beyond’s 2023 Progressive Mix)”  
  • “Sirens Of The Sea (Marsh Remix)”  
  • “Satellite (Seven Lions Remix)”  
  • “Beautiful Together (Genix Remix)”  

Above & Beyond Club Mixes - 12"  

  • “Miracle (Above & Beyond Club Mix)”  
  • “Satellite (Above & Beyond Extended Mix)”  
  • “Sirens Of The Sea (Above & Beyond Club Mix)”  
  • “On A Good Day (Above & Beyond Club Mix)”  

Classic Remixes - 12"  

  • “Lonely Girl (Gareth Emery Remix)”  
  • “Miracle (Michael Cassette Remix)”  
  • “Sky Falls Down (Armin van Buuren Remix)”  
  • “Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten Remix)”  

Another Chance - 10"  

  • “Another Chance (Original Mix)”  
  • “Another Chance (Above & Beyond Club Mix)”  

‘Sirens of the Sea’ - Double LP  

Digital Releases  

November 16: OceanLab - “Satellite (Above & Beyond’s 2023 Progressive Mix)”  

1 - OceanLab - Satellite (Above & Beyond’s 2023 Progressive Mix)   
2 - OceanLab - Satellite (Above & Beyond’s 2023 Extended Progressive Mix)  

November 30: OceanLab - “Beautiful Together (Genix Remix)”  

1 - OceanLab - “Beautiful Together (Genix Remix)”   
2 - OceanLab - “Beautiful Together (Genix Extended Mix)”  

December 14: Release | OceanLab - “Satellite (Seven Lions Remix)”  

1 - OceanLab - “Satellite (Seven Lions Remix)”  

January 18: Release | OceanLab - “Sirens Of The Sea (Marsh Remix)”  

1 - OceanLab - “Sirens Of The Sea (Marsh Remix)”   
2 - OceanLab - “Sirens Of The Sea (Marsh Extended Mix)”  

TBC March 1: OceanLab: The Anthology [Digital Compilation]  

Tracklist TBC

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