ShockOne Drops 'Organism Algorithm' — A New Era of Drum & Bass

Organism Algorithm

In a significant move for the drum & bass genre, Australian electronic music maestro ShockOne has released his third studio album, 'Organism Algorithm,' through his own label, Dark Machine Records. This release comes at a pivotal moment as ShockOne prepares to support the legendary Pendulum on their 2024 UK arena tour, underscoring his influence and stature within the global music scene.

ShockOne, hailing from Perth, has been a formidable force in Australia's drum & bass landscape, pioneering a unique sound that has garnered widespread acclaim. Since his explosive entrance into the scene with the ARIA #1 LP 'Universus' in 2013, he has continually pushed the boundaries of bass music, amassing over 30 million streams across various platforms. His impressive portfolio includes official remixes for high-profile artists like DJ Snake, Dillon Francis, and NGHTMRE, further establishing his prowess and versatility.

His latest work, 'Organism Algorithm,' marks a career-defining moment, showcasing an evolutionary leap in his musical journey. The album features 12 tracks that traverse the entire spectrum of drum & bass, from intricate rhythms to ethereal soundscapes, reflecting ShockOne's deep engagement with the genre's potential for emotional and sonic depth.

Organism Algorithm
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The concept behind 'Organism Algorithm' delves into the philosophical, exploring the intersections of identity, technology, and consciousness. ShockOne articulates a fascination with the notion that our thoughts and actions might be reducible to algorithms. This theme resonates deeply in an era dominated by advances in artificial intelligence. This introspective approach lends the album a conceptual richness that complements its sonic innovations.

Collaboration plays a vital role in the album's eclectic sound, with contributions from a diverse array of artists, including UK duo Freaks & Geeks, American vocalist Pauline Herr, New Zealand's Lee Mvthews, and Australian singer Reija Lee. These collaborations underscore ShockOne's ability to blend influences from across the globe, reinforcing the universal appeal of his music.

Organism Algorithm Tour

Beyond his solo projects, ShockOne has made significant inroads in the UK, receiving support from BBC Radio 1 and KISS FM and collaborating with UK artist Metrik on the album "Ex Machina." His upcoming support for Pendulum on their UK tour and the planned album tour across Australia and New Zealand further highlight his rising international status.

"Organism Algorithm" is not just an album; it's a statement of intent from ShockOne, asserting his position at the forefront of the drum & bass movement. With a blend of technical mastery, innovative collaborations, and philosophical depth, it stands as a testament to the enduring vitality and relevance of drum & bass music in the modern era. As ShockOne continues to explore new horizons, his work remains a beacon for what's possible in the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music.


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