SLANDER & William Black's New Hit 'Keep U Warm' Drops on Heaven Sent

Keep U Warm

In a thrilling fusion of talent and emotion, SLANDER and William Black have once again united, this time with the sensational singer/songwriter Jordan Shaw, to unveil their highly anticipated track 'Keep U Warm.' This masterpiece follows their 2020 hit 'Back To U,' a global sensation with over 29.5 million streams, that has left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans worldwide. Released under SLANDER's Heaven Sent label, 'Keep U Warm' is poised to ignite the electronic dance music scene with its monumental success.

Keep U Warm
William Black,
Jordan Shaw
Heaven Sent
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The Los Angeles-based duo SLANDER, known for their poignant, melodic bass music, have once again joined forces with Denver's William Black to create what they describe as a tender ballad. Jordan Shaw, whose vocals have captivated audiences globally, lends his voice to this heartfelt anthem that explores the profound depths of love's devotion.

'Keep U Warm' is a symphony of soothing melodies, from the poignant piano keys to the graceful acoustic guitar strums, all harmonized by Shaw's distinctive vocals. The lyrics are a cascade of selfless declarations, offering a profound glimpse into the boundless nature of love. The track is further elevated by its soothing synth progressions and infectious chorus, making it an emotionally compelling listen.

SLANDER & William Black

Commenting on the excitement of the release, SLANDER shared, "'Keep U Warm' is here! Our follow-up to 'Back To U' with William Black has been a long time coming, and we could not be more excited to finally share it with the world. Working with William and Jordan Shaw was incredible. They are both amazing artists, and we are so happy with the final version."

William Black spoke about the song's deeper meaning: "For me, 'Keep U Warm' is about being selfless and loving the people you hold dear to you. When someone you love is hurting, you feel their pain, as well."

Aside from their latest release, SLANDER has a busy schedule ahead, including a performance at EDC Las Vegas and several headline dates in China. Their influence in the dance music community continues to grow, bolstered by their emotionally charged productions and a loyal fanbase.

William Black is touring his "The Nature of Hope" series, touching down at major venues across the U.S. At the same time, Jordan Shaw builds on his rising fame, fueled by successful collaborations and dynamic solo projects.

'Keep U Warm' not only cements SLANDER and William Black's status as powerhouses in the dance music genre but also showcases their ability to craft tracks that deeply resonate with their audience, ensuring their positions on playlists and dancefloors for times to come. With its release on the Heaven Sent label, the track is poised to ascend music charts and become a staple in the realm of electronic music, inspiring a new wave of musical creativity.


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