Slushii Joins Forces with SPIRIT LINK for New Track — 'I Tried It'

I Tried It

Today, music enthusiasts will be treated to the unveiling of "I Tried It," the electrifying collaboration between Slushii and SPIRIT LINK. This song, delivered to us via Believe Digital and the first release on Slushii's new label SONICdream, is not just another track – it's an intimate glance into a profound collaborative process anchored in musical synergy and deep friendship.

"I'm so excited to share my new single "I Tried It" with you all. It's a song about taking risks, following your dreams, and living in the moment," says Slushii, who has been riding the wave of viral success following his sapientdream alias hit "Past Lives." The young DJ's enthusiastic return to self-releasing music is not just a new chapter but a rejuvenation of his roots, enveloped in the energy and freedom of club records.

In SPIRIT LINK, Slushii found a collaborator and a musical soulmate. "SPIRIT LINK is not only a talented producer but also a great friend who always supports and inspires me," he adds, painting a picture of a partnership that goes beyond beats and lyrics to touch the ineffable - the spirit of creation.

SPIRIT LINK shares the sentiment. To him, working with Slushii is "an incredibly profound and transformative experience." It's a dance between two artists who've found their rhythm, weaving their individual sounds into a harmonious tapestry of melodies that promises to enchant listeners.

At 19, SPIRIT LINK is a prodigious talent whose music echoes the complex dance of human emotions. His compositions imbued with a storytelling essence, invite listeners on a journey through the intricate corridors of feelings and experiences. In Slushii, he found a collaborator whose influence is "an integral part of the very essence of my musical expression."

The collaboration is expected to be the first of many between Slushii and SPIRIT LINK, signaling a promising future for fans of both artists. With the launch of Slushii's new label, this track sets a positive tone for what Sushii fans can anticipate - quality, innovation, and a touch of the unexpected.

In "I Tried It," listeners will find a balanced mix of Slushii's energetic beats and SPIRIT LINK's soulful melodies. It's a song that invites an experience, offering a glimpse into the artists' evolution while promising a future rich with collaborative efforts.

I Tried It
Believe Digital
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Photo Credit: Chris Love - @kitsunekreations

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