STAR SEED, Aaron Shirk & Sara Benyo Gives Us 'Something To Hold On To'

Something To Hold On To

In an exciting new release, STAR SEED collaborates with Aaron Shirk and Sara Benyo, presenting a single titled "Something To Hold On To" on SLANDER's esteemed Heaven Sent label. This track showcases the unique strengths of each artist, combining their talents into a compelling musical narrative.

"Something To Hold On To" stands out as a melodic dubstep gem, underpinned by Sara Benyo's stirring vocals, which narrate a tale of hope prevailing through darkness. The music is rich with emotional depth, highlighted by poignant piano and sweet melodies, culminating in a climactic finale that echoes with optimism.

Something To Hold On To
Aaron Shirk,
Sara Benyo
Heaven Sent
Release date

The birth of 'Something To Hold On To' is a testament to the power of collaboration and evolution. It all started with a remix by Aaron Shirk of a STAR SEED song, which has now transformed into the original piece you're hearing today. STAR SEED, also known as Noah, shares the journey, "'Something to Hold On To' actually began as a remix Aaron did for one of my songs back in 2022. We've revamped the record, enhancing it with our updated production skills, new chord progressions, and drops."

Aaron Shirk shared his enthusiasm for the project, particularly praising Sara Benyo's contribution: "When Sara joined the track, her incredible input made me even more excited. We reconstructed the track from scratch, elevating it to our current standards."

STAR SEED has made a significant impact on the music scene with his experimental pop sound, gaining acclaim from prominent figures in the dance music community and securing spots on prestigious playlists and tours. Similarly, Aaron Shirk, hailing from Virginia, has made his mark with his musical talent in the melodic bass genre, contributing to various acclaimed labels.

Sara Benyo, originally from Nashville and now based in Los Angeles, has been rising in the dubstep and melodic bass scenes, showcasing her skills through various high-profile collaborations.

The release of "Something To Hold On To" marks a milestone for STAR SEED, Aaron Shirk, and Sara Benyo. It encapsulates their artistic evolution and collaborative synergy. This track not only strengthens their discographies but also reinforces the innovative spirit of the Heaven Sent label.


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