Sub Focus Takes D&B to New Heights with Remix of D.O.D's Chart-Climbing Summer Anthem

Sub Focus & D.O.D

In a collision of drum & bass and chart-topping summer vibes, Sub Focus, the revered genre icon, has unleashed his electrifying remix of D.O.D's hit track, "So Much In Love." Premiered during his unforgettable Glastonbury set on the esteemed stage "The Levels," Sub Focus's rendition adds a pulsating drum and bass twist to an already acclaimed anthem that has been making waves in the UK charts.

Known for his signature sound that dominates the dancefloor with super-suspenseful builds and powerful drops, Sub Focus brings his unrivaled energy and expertise to elevate this summer hit to even greater heights. With meticulous precision, he injects the track with his trademark drum and bass elements, creating a surge of adrenaline that will captivate EDM enthusiasts and dance music fans alike.

Sub Focus, whose real name is Nick Douwma, has carved a path from the underground jungle scene to become a global dance music superstar. Starting with his air-punching, dancefloor-dismantling drum & bass tracks, he has evolved to embrace the ever-changing electronic landscape, epitomizing the boundary-pushing ethos of today's music scene. His remix of D.O.D's "So Much In Love" is a testament to his versatility and ability to breathe new life into existing hits.

β€œWhen I started making D&B it had been feeling a bit self-referential and uninspired for a while. I think I was among the first to start using ideas from other genres like indie dance, rock, and techno to create a fresh sound.”

On the other side of this electrifying collaboration stands D.O.D, also known as Dan O'Donnell. Hailing from Bury in Manchester, D.O.D has found the perfect balance between fun and fame in his DJ career. From humble beginnings playing in local bars and clubs, he has skyrocketed to success, securing multiple number ones on Beatport and amassing over a hundred million plays on popular streaming platforms. His infectious tracks have taken him to some of the world's largest festivals, including Tomorrowland, Ultra, and Creamfields, while leaving an indelible mark on the UK club and festival circuit, with performances at Ministry of Sound, Cream, and Warehouse Project.

Sub Focus's remix, "So Much In Love," takes on a new dimension. The combination of D.O.D's irresistible melodies and Sub Focus's drum and bass prowess creates an exhilarating sonic experience that will undoubtedly dominate dance floors and playlists worldwide. This collaboration showcases the power of the DnB genre to transcend boundaries and captivate audiences with its relentless energy and infectious beats.

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D.O.D - So Much In Love (Sub Focus Remix)
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