Two Duos — Alchimyst & Supernature — Collab on Stunning Progressive Vocal Trance Song 'Take Me There'

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Alchimyst, the esteemed production duo, has combined forces with the up-and-coming group, Supernature, to create an unstoppable trance supergroup. The Dreamstate Records release of their first collaboration, "Take Me There," is a euphoric explosion of sound that showcases the tremendous talent shared between these two buzzing names in dance music.

Hailing from Switzerland and America, Alchimyst is renowned for its pulse-raising psytrance. Meanwhile, Supernature, a duo composed of singer-songwriter Zed Sinclair and producer Kevin Thorpe, is known for its synth-heavy productions across the spectrum, from indie dance to peak-time melodic offerings. This collaboration is a perfect fusion of their unique strengths and influences.

"Take Me There" is a progressive trance masterpiece that explores the theme of unconditional love. The track begins with a cinematic intro that sets the stage for a heart-palpitating prelude before launching into a moody, psy-infused groove that completes the narrative. Zed Sinclair's vocals are vulnerable and emotive, perfectly complemented by cascading melodies, dreamy triplets, and layers of lush symphonics.

Alchimyst and Supernature both agree that the collaborative process was powerful and fruitful. The song was created with the fans in mind, inspired by the energy they felt from the crowd at Dreamstate SoCal. "Take Me There" is a magical track that captures the feeling of being at a festival with those closest to you.

For Alchimyst, "Take Me There" marks their return to Dreamstate Records after previously curating the 'Part of the Dream' compilation series. Armin van Buuren has regularly supported them on his 'A State of Trance' radio show and has claimed multiple #1 hits with peak-time staples such as "Runes," "Rudra," and "Move."

With all this talent, inspiration, and dedication poured into "Take Me There," it's no wonder that Alchimyst and Supernature are feeling "literally beaming with excitement" and calling this collaboration "the start of something special."

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