UK Sensation Chaney Returns to Insomniac Records with Uplifting House Tune 'Strong'

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British talent CHANEY is back with a bang, making his highly anticipated return to the renowned Insomniac Records imprint with his sophomore single, "Strong." Embracing his singer-songwriter background, CHANEY has carved a niche as a versatile house producer, skillfully weaving disco and classic rave influences into his productions. Now, with "Strong," he delivers an uplifting and piano-led masterpiece that oozes late-night euphoria.

The track "Strong" takes listeners on a nostalgic journey, harkening back to the golden era of dance music. The infectious piano house number exudes a joyful vibe that instantly tickles the serotonin receptors. CHANEY's supreme studio expertise shines through as he artfully combines analog grit with ethereal pads, creating a mesmerizing and timeless groove.

Reflecting on the creative process behind "Strong," CHANEY shares, "I began the writing process with my Roland SH-01A, setting the vibes in the studio with a touch of reverb and space. Soon after, I crafted drum patterns, basslines, and larger-than-life pads to add depth and dimension."

With the blueprint laid out, CHANEY added the perfect vocal and hook, meticulously slicing up lyrics that resonated with him. The result is a melting pot of his signature sounds, tied together with a '90s-esque piano part that completes the enchanting musical puzzle.

CHANEY's previous label debut, "Out of My Depth," featuring London-based vocalist Nu-La, has already amassed over 1.3 million streams, garnering massive support from Capital Dance, BBC R1, KISS FM, and more. His undeniable talent led him to debut at EDC Las Vegas, where he graced the Insomniac Records hosted stage stereoBLOOM, captivating the audience with his soul-touching house gem.

This Southwest England native, known as Theo Altieri to friends and family, is a force to be reckoned with in the house music scene. His prior background as a singer-songwriter signed to Warner provided him with invaluable skills in composition and arrangement that he seamlessly translates into his electronic music journey. With accolades from industry giants like Pete Tong, CHANEY's near-vertical ascent is unstoppable.

"Strong" is yet another milestone in CHANEY's impressive career, destined to further elevate his status in the electronic music realm. The soulful beats of "Strong" promise to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of house music enthusiasts across the globe.

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