Used Unveils Drum & Bass Track 'Psycho' with Idle Days


Belgian DJ and producer Used has released his much-anticipated Drum & Bass track "Psycho," featuring Idle Days, on DJ Fresh's renowned label, Breakbeat Kaos. This release follows Used's successful headline tour in his native Belgium, capturing the attention of the global D&B community.

"Psycho" is not just another track in producer Used's repertoire but a highly anticipated culmination of a year's work. The track has been teased at major festivals and gigs worldwide, including Tomorrowland and the Sunrise Festival, building up the excitement among fans. They had a taste of the track during Used's "Psycho" tour, and his performance at Pukklepop set high expectations, with attendees hailing it as the hit of 2024 even before its official release.

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Used's journey in music, transitioning from classical violin to electronic beats, showcases his depth and versatility. His previous works like "Mistakes" and "Better On My Own," along with his remixes, have consistently drawn attention, solidifying his position in the D&B scene. His contributions have been recognized with significant radio play and accolades, including a Beatport number-one hit and a nod from Pendulum for his outstanding work.

Idle Days, joining forces with Used on "Psycho," brings an energetic vibe to the track. Known for his collaborations and a notable presence in the D&B circuit, Idle Days adds a unique flavor to this anthem, promising a high-octane listening experience.

"Psycho" blends emotive lyrics with robust synths and intense basslines, a signature of Used's style, enriched by Idle Days' vocal prowess. The track addresses themes of loneliness and resilience, resonating with many and promising to be a staple on dance floors.

As Used prepares for a landmark year with a slated Tomorrowland 2024 mainstage appearance and an extensive tour schedule, "Psycho" is a pivotal moment in his career. The track not only signifies a significant entry in the Drum & Bass genre for 2024 but also strengthens his collaboration with Idle Days. This collaboration, marked by the unique blend of their styles in "Psycho," is a testament to Used's growing influence in the music world.


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