VASSY Teams Up With Punctual for 'Midnight' on Spinnin' Records


Multi-platinum singer-songwriter VASSY Unveils Dance-Pop Extravaganza "Midnight" via Spinnin' Records.

As the dance floors heat up for the season, multi-platinum artist VASSY is making waves with her latest single, "Midnight," released under the renowned label Spinnin' Records. Known for her infectious hits and powerful vocals, VASSY collaborates with the superstar production duo Punctual to create a track that's both a nod to classic UK house and a fresh take on dance pop.

"'Midnight' is a song about fantasy and imagination. Metaphorically speaking, the song truly allows your mind to wander and be free. I want to encourage my listeners to let themselves go and be authentically themselves," VASSY shared about her new single. Her excitement about the collaboration was palpable, "I was so excited to work with UK producers Punctual, known for their hit productions with icons like Becky Hill and Calvin Harris. I just knew they would give it that different, fresh sound I was looking for. I am excited for my fans to hear this one."

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'Midnight' kicks off with an infectious beat punctuated by crisp hi-hats, a signature of Punctual's polished production, which perfectly complements VASSY's silky vocal delivery. The track then progresses into a lush arrangement of vintage house chord progressions and shimmering synth arpeggios, creating a unique and euphoric backdrop that is both nostalgic and distinctly modern.

This new single is not just another addition to VASSY's impressive discography, which includes eight #1 Billboard Dance hits and multi-platinum certifications. It is a vibrant celebration of her evolving artistic journey. Earlier this year, VASSY's work was prominently featured in popular TV shows like Netflix's "Selling Sunset" and MTV's "Teen Mom," demonstrating her wide-ranging influence in music and popular culture.

Her recent achievements, including a stirring performance at the EDMAs 2024 and receiving the prestigious Billions List Award for her track 'BAD,' which has amassed over two billion streams, are a testament to her talent and hard work. These accolades further solidify her status as the 'Queen of EDM,' leaving the audience in awe of her success.

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With "Midnight," VASSY continues to captivate her global audience, providing a soundtrack for those who dare to dream and dance through the night. As the track makes its rounds on dance floors and airwaves alike, it is a testament to her enduring appeal and ability to keep the world dancing.

Anticipation is high among fans of VASSY and followers of Punctual as they eagerly await the magic of 'Midnight,' a track that promises to be a fixture in playlists and clubs across the globe, echoing the sounds of endless, euphoric nights.

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