A Featured Dance Music Label at EDM Sessions Radio

Founded by Nick and Nico in 2013 as a YouTube channel, the distinctive music selection and visual appearance of Selected. instantly grabbed the attention of a growing number of loyal followers and music lovers around the globe. Selected. was born. Still, under the first big landmark of 100,000 YouTube followers, Klaus and Michael joined the team in 2015 and became partners with the clear goal of expanding the Selected. brand into a full-scale music company. Since then, it's been a steady uphill journey.

Nowadays, Selected. is a major player on all platforms. The electronic super-brand hosts one of the most influential YT channels for electronic music and runs two of the biggest playlist brands on all streaming services. With these powerful tools and millions of fans and followers, Selected. has turned into a boutique label partner for electronic artists all over the world. A platform for emerging talents, but also for big names like Joel Corry, Sonny Fodera, Avaion, and Just Kiddin (to name a few), the Selected. label crossed the 4 Billion stream milestone in spring 2024 and is now heading for new frontiers.