Above & Beyond's 'Blue Monday' Cover Hits Viral Fame on TikTok

Blue Monday

In a surprising turn of events, Above & Beyond's cover of New Order's seminal 1983 hit "Blue Monday" has captured the essence of the original and found a new life on social media. Originally released in 2020, the track has become TikTok's number-one viral song, amassing an astounding 5.5 billion views globally.

The indie-electronic group first introduced their rendition of "Blue Monday" at a 2013 sold-out show at London's Alexandra Palace. The cover, which stayed true to New Order's classic riff and drums but updated with modern hardware, quickly became a staple in Above & Beyond's sets, thrilling audiences from New York's Madison Square Garden to the Glastonbury Festival.

Blue Monday
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The recent surge in popularity can be traced back to a viral TikTok dance trend that prominently features the track. This trend has catapulted the song to unprecedented heights, propelling it to the top of the viral charts in countries like the UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Greece, and Spain, and securing the third spot in the USA.

"The impact of TikTok is substantial," said a spokesperson for Above & Beyond. The platform has led to the creation of over 750,000 videos featuring the song and significantly boosted its streaming numbers across various digital service platforms. The song's virality didn't stop at TikTok; it also dominated Instagram Reels in the UK and YouTube Shorts, garnering 229 million streams through third-party uploads.

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Interestingly, the song has found favor among celebrities and influencers, with notable personalities like Ant & Dec, Mr. Beast, and even New Order using it in their content. 

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