Amplifyd Launches Auction Platform for Influential EDM Artists & Brands

Amplifyed - Danny Tenaglia

A new chapter in the intersection of music and collectibles is being written as Amplifyd steps out of its beta phase, offering fans unprecedented access to unique items and experiences from renowned artists and music brands. This platform, backed by Steve Anderson, the founding investor of Instagram, aims to deepen the connection between artists and fans.

Amplifyd has already secured partnerships with electronic music icons such as Danny Tenaglia, Sasha, and Felix Da Housecat in its early stages. These artists will auction personal collections of rare vinyl, memorabilia, and studio equipment—a fan's golden ticket into the rich history of electronic music.

Amplifyd CEO Dan Willis expressed his enthusiasm about the launch. "Being an electronic music artist myself over the past 15 years, it's an incredibly exciting time for Amplifyd to partner with artists of Felix, Sasha, and Danny's extraordinary talent and pedigree," he said. Willis is confident that the collaboration will offer fans a unique journey marked by authenticity and exclusivity.

One of the notable offerings comes from Danny Tenaglia, a DJ and producer with a nearly five decades-long career. Tenaglia is excited to see his collection, imbued with memories and historical moments find new owners who'll value and cherish them. "It's been an incredible journey to have all of this in my possession for decades," Tenaglia reflects.

Amplifyd isn't just about collectibles; it's also a platform for unforgettable experiences. The success of the platform's beta phase was highlighted by a partnership with Insomniac to host the EDC Las Vegas Charity Auctions. Fans bid on over 30 unique experiences, with participation from headline artists including Marshmello, Armin van Buuren, Yellow Claw, and Loud Luxury, raising over $100,000.

In addition to offering exclusive items, Amplifyd aims to provide a streamlined and immersive bidding process. Their commitment is underscored by partnerships that elevate the fan experience, whether for profit or supporting charitable causes. The platform's association with globally recognized festivals and events highlights its potential to revolutionize how fans connect with artists and their music.

Fans and collectors should watch Amplifyd for upcoming announcements and new artist collaborations. With a promising start and a clear vision, Amplifyd is poised to be a significant player in the evolving landscape where music, memorabilia, and fan experiences converge. For more information, visit Amplifyd's official website at

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