Armada Music Triumphs at EDMAs with 'Label of the Year - 2023'

Armin van Buuren & Maykel Piron

In a significant milestone at this year's Electronic Dance Music Awards (EDMAs) during Miami Music Week, Armada Music, renowned as the world's leading independent dance music label, has been honored with the Label of the Year award. This accolade, decided by fan votes, underscores Armada's influential presence in the electronic music domain.

Armada Music's victory at the EDMAs, a ceremony that celebrates the cream of the dance music industry, is a testament to its unwavering dedication to quality and innovation in music. The label, a pivotal force in the dance music scene, received an overwhelming 1.3 million votes, indicating robust support from its global fanbase.

Maykel Piron, the CEO and co-founder of Armada Music, shared his enthusiasm about the win: "We are deeply honored to receive recognition at the EDMAs this year, and the fact that it's fan-voted makes it even more special! We were told we got 1.3 million votes this year, so it's truly fantastic to have this strong community of fans very much alongside us on this remarkable journey."

Armada's achievements over the past year have been nothing short of spectacular. The label celebrated the astounding success of Lost Frequencies' hit 'Are You With Me,' surpassing 1 billion streams on Spotify, and the revival of Mason vs. Princess Superstar's track 'Perfect (Exceeder)' on international charts. Additionally, Armada Music has been proactive in expanding its roster with significant signings, including deals with Lilly Palmer and Will Clarke, further bolstering its reputation as a dance music powerhouse.

Armin van Buuren & Maykel Piron

In conjunction with the label's success, Armada's co-founder Armin van Buuren received the award for Best Radio Show for his program A State of Trance, signifying a double celebration for the label. Moreover, Armada Music's influence was further acknowledged through six additional nominations across various categories, highlighting the label's diverse and dynamic contribution to the dance music landscape.

The recognition at the EDMAs aligns with Armada Music's 20th-anniversary celebrations and the launch of the BEAT Music Fund, showcasing the label's strategic vision in shaping the future of dance music. This milestone year for Armada Music reflects its historical achievements. It sets the stage for its continued influence and leadership in the electronic dance music industry.

As Armada Music revels in its EDMA victory and prepares for future endeavors, its role at the forefront of the dance music world is unmistakably solidified, with a clear vision for nurturing talent and delivering groundbreaking music to its global audience.

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