Armin van Buuren & Jon Bon Jovi Rock Ultra with Historic Remix

Armin van Buuren & Jon Bon Jovi

In an electrifying blend of genres, the Ultra Music Festival's mainstage became the epicenter of a musical earthquake as Armin van Buuren, the trance titan, joined forces with rock legend Jon Bon Jovi, marking a high point in the festival's history. This unexpected collaboration brought a new dimension to the iconic track 'Keep The Faith,' showcasing a masterful fusion between van Buuren's trance dynamics and Bon Jovi's rock prowess.

It's an incredible honor to remix this track and to share the stage with Jon Bon Jovi, as I've been a massive fan for years.

The crowd at Ultra Music Festival was treated to a seismic shift in live performance norms when Jon Bon Jovi emerged on stage, unveiling Armin van Buuren's latest creation: a remix of 'Keep The Faith.' This track has resonated with fans globally since its original release, becoming a staple in the rock genre. Van Buuren's approach to reimagining this classic song demonstrates his innovative spirit and respect for musical legacies.

Armin van Buuren expressed his enthusiasm about the project, stating, "It's an incredible honor to remix this track and to share the stage with Jon Bon Jovi, as I've been a massive fan for years. This track is different from anything I've ever released, and there is no better place to first share it with you all than on the Ultra mainstage."

This collaboration celebrates Bon Jovi's 40th anniversary in the music industry and highlights the enduring relevance of the 'Keep The Faith' album, which achieved significant commercial success and critical acclaim. The partnership between Armin van Buuren and Jon Bon Jovi is a testament to the evolving nature of music, transcending genres and generations. The project came to life after Armin approached Jon Bon Jovi with the idea of blending his distinctive trance style into the timeless rock anthem. The results — a powerful, adrenaline-inducing fusion of their two distinctive sounds.

Armin van Buuren, a name synonymous with the global electronic music scene, has consistently been at the forefront of the industry, with an impressive portfolio including nine full-length albums and a globally renowned radio show, A State of Trance. His influence extends across the globe, headlining major festivals and maintaining a solid presence in the club scene, especially in iconic locations like Ibiza and Las Vegas.

As Armada Music continues to push the boundaries of dance music, this collaboration between Armin van Buuren and Jon Bon Jovi stands as a monumental achievement in the label's history, merging the worlds of electronic and rock music in an unforgettable live experience. This momentous event at Ultra Music Festival celebrated the legacy of two monumental artists and set a new standard for live musical performances, making it a landmark moment in the annals of their careers and the wider music industry.

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