ARMNHMR & VLCN Unveil Emotive Collab 'Afterglow' Featuring Nevve


The music world is buzzing with the latest release from LA-based duo ARMNHMR and Tampa Bay's VLCN as they drop their emotive collaboration "Afterglow" featuring Nevve's vocal talents. This track marks a significant moment for both sets of artists, converging their unique sounds into a harmonious anthem that's set to resonate across the melodic bass scene.

ARMNHMR, an Asian American duo renowned for their ethereal melodies and emotional drops, has found a perfect counterpart in VLCN, a Tampa Bay producer known for his epic soundscapes and genre-blurring productions. Together, they've crafted "Afterglow," a single that encapsulates their combined artistry and showcases the exceptional singing of Nevve, a highly respected figure in the music industry for her distinctive vocal style.

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Discussing the single, ARMNHMR delved into the thematic core of "Afterglow," stating, "This song is about change. It is about the ebbs and flows of life and everything that comes with it. It's a song about feeling like your experience feels like it's drifting against the current." This reflection is vividly captured in the track, with Nevve's vocals painting a picture of life's perpetual cycle, encouraging listeners to find beauty in the transformative phases of existence.

VLCN expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the track's memorable impact: "This track has been one of my favorite pieces of work I have been a part of. It's extremely catchy, and the vocal catches your attention and doesn't let go. Definitely going to be one that will be remembered."

"Afterglow" signifies another successful release for ARMNHMR, following their impressive live performances and streaming success. It also represents a pivotal shift for VLCN as he ventures into the melodic bass genre with this track. The collaboration with Nevve isn't new territory for ARMNHMR, as their previous work together on "Here With Me" demonstrated a compelling synergy that continues to evolve with their latest project.

As ARMNHMR solidifies their position in the electronic music scene with groundbreaking achievements like their Las Vegas strip residency, and VLCN continues to captivate audiences with his dynamic performances and distinct sound, "Afterglow" stands as a testament to their artistic growth and the power of collaborative innovation.

This collaboration is more than just a song; it's a narrative of change, resilience, and artistic evolution, making "Afterglow" by ARMNHMR, VLCN, and Nevve a standout track that's poised to leave a lasting impact on the melodic bass community and beyond.


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