HI-LO & Danny Avila Drop 'PARADISE' — A Mainstage Techno Anthem


In an electrifying blend of techno prowess and mainstage energy, HI-LO and Danny Avila unveil their latest single, 'PARADISE,' now streaming on HILOMATIK. This track, which has dominated HI-LO's sets over the past year, cleverly nods to Coolio's 'Gangsta's Paradise' and its precursor, Stevie Wonder's 'Pastime Paradise,' showcasing a fresh and familiar melody to fans worldwide.

The collaboration marks a perfect marriage of Danny Avila's mainstage techno dynamism with HI-LO's distinctive sound, earning accolades from industry heavyweights, including Oliver Heldens, Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, and GORDO. This support underscores the track's appeal across the dance music spectrum, from underground clubs to festival mainstages.

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Oliver Heldens, under his HI-LO moniker, has seamlessly bridged the gap between the dance music mainstream and the techno underground, garnering respect from both arenas. His journey from chart-topping hits to pioneering techno tracks has redefined genre boundaries, making HI-LO a symbol of innovation and quality in the global techno scene. Notably, tracks like 'Zeus' and 'Kronos' were among the most-played techno tracks of 2020, catapulting Heldens to the top of 1001tracklists.com's most-supported producers.

HI-LO's influence extends beyond the decks, with his music receiving support from techno titans such as Adam Beyer, Reinier Zonneveld, Carl Cox, and many more. His recent venture, HILOMATIK, aims to showcase his productions alongside emerging talents and established acts, further solidifying his position in techno's vanguard.

Danny Avila's foray into Mainstage Techno, which premiered at Tomorrowland's Around The World festival in 2021, represents a bold reimagining of techno for massive audiences. By infusing the underground's intensity with the scale of mainstage performances, Avila's sound is a testament to techno's evolving landscape, proving its versatility and widespread appeal.

As 'PARADISE' hits the airwaves, HI-LO and Danny Avila are set to support the release with a winter tour, promising fans an immersive experience into their unique vision of techno. This collaboration celebrates the genre's rich heritage and its boundless future, inviting listeners to explore the depths of 'PARADISE' and beyond.

Available now via HILOMATIK, 'PARADISE' is more than a song; it's a milestone in the careers of HI-LO and Danny Avila and a beacon for the evolution of techno music.


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