Mesto and Vluarr Collaborate on New Track 'Over Soon' at STMPD RCRDS

Over Soon

Emerging from the vibrant beats of the electronic music scene, Mesto and Vluarr have united to release their newest track, "Over Soon," under the renowned label STMPD RCRDS. This single, a blend of acoustic and electronic elements, marks a significant moment for both artists as they fuse their distinct sounds into a cohesive auditory experience.

"Over Soon" is a testament to Mesto and Vluarr's innovative approach, blending a captivating guitar melody with emotional vocals to create a soothing yet energetic tone. 'We were immediately drawn to the initial melody of the guitar and vocal, and we knew we wanted to use that as the core of the song,' Mesto and Vluarr revealed. The duo's fusion of organic and synthetic sounds crafts a refreshing and relaxing track that will captivate a broad audience.

Over Soon
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"Over Soon" promises to capture listeners' hearts with its blend of soothing vibes and invigorating energy, making it an essential addition to any playlist. As both artists continue to rise within the music industry, this track is a testament to their creativity and synergy.


Melle Stomp, better known as Mesto, is a Dutch prodigy who ignited his musical journey at a tender age, driven by an unwavering passion for electronic music. Influenced profoundly by Oliver Heldens, he delved deep into the world of music production by the time he was 14. His career soared to new heights after a collaboration with Martin Garrix, and he has since been celebrated for his vibrant contributions to future house music.

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Vladimir Nicolaj de Groot, known professionally as Vluarr, brings a unique blend of orchestral and electronic influences to his productions. His musical career began at the tender age of 4 with the cello. Vluarr's sound today is characterized by a mix of trap and house, enriched with a personal twist that makes his music distinctive. His track record includes releases on prominent labels such as Monstercat, Barong Family, and STMPD RCRDS.

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