The Beat of Breda: EDM Icon Hardwell Honored as Hometown's Honorary Citizen

Hardwell citizenship

In a harmonic blend of hometown pride and global stardom, world-renowned EDM artist Hardwell, real name Robbert van de Corput, has been named an honorary citizen of his beloved hometown, Breda. The announcement was made shortly before his electrifying set at Breda Live 2023 by Mayor Paul Depla, positioning Hardwell amongst the select few bestowed with this prestigious title.

Hardwell's crowning moment resonates with his illustrious career in dance music, the high-impact energy of his EDM sets, and his dedication to Breda – a place he unflinchingly refers to as 'his city.' His myriad of outstanding achievements and endearing passion for Breda have propelled him to this esteemed honor.

Mayor Paul Depla, in his heartfelt address, lauded Hardwell as a role model and influential ambassador for the city. "Robbert puts Breda on the international map with his talent and achievements. Breda is just as proud of him as he is of our city. We gain a valuable ambassador with him as an honorary citizen," Depla said.

The DJ superstar's response was filled with gratitude and an unwavering dedication to his roots. "Breda has been my inspiration and my home from the very beginning. It's where my dreams took flight," Hardwell stated. His commitment to nurturing local talent through his label, Revealed Recordings, and serving as a positive force in the community illustrates his continuous engagement with the city and its people.

Hardwell has remained grounded in an industry where many artists lose sight of their origins amidst the dizzying heights of fame. His love for Breda is deeply rooted, to the point where he has declined global performances to remain available for local events such as Breda Live. Following his surprise announcement on stage, Hardwell delivered a memorable performance for his fellow Breda inhabitants, signifying the unbreakable bond between the artist and his city.

Hardwell's rise to stardom from the small Dutch city has been meteoric. With two titles of World's No. 1 DJ under his belt, he has emerged as one of the most successful artist exports of the Netherlands. His contributions to the global EDM scene, and his consistent representation of Breda, have made him a beloved figure in his hometown and the dance music community at large.

Hardwell's career offers a compelling narrative of talent, determination, and homegrown pride. This accolade from Breda is not just a recognition of his accomplishments but also a testament to his commitment to his roots and the transformative power of dance music. With the beat of Breda pulsing through his music, Hardwell continues to inspire, uplift, and spread the love of EDM around the globe.

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Photo Credit for Breda x Hardwell images: Binne-Louwe Katsmap

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