'Voltage' Unleashed — Paul van Dyk & Jordan Gill's Techno Triumph on VANDIT


In the electric galaxy of techno, every release by Paul van Dyk is akin to a celestial event. In collaboration with the prodigious Jordan Gill, 'Voltage' has emerged - a pulsating techno opus that thrums with the living energy of both its iconic and nascent creators, released under the prestigious banner of VANDIT Alternative.

'Voltage' is not just a track; it's an experience that unravels in waves of dynamic rhythms and hypnotic synth lines reminiscent of electric currents in visceral flux. The fusion of Paul van Dyk's veteran finesse and Jordan Gill's contemporary touch manifests a symphony that speaks to the connoisseur and novice alike. It is a dance of darkness and light, where techno elements roam free and untethered.

"I wanted to create a track that would shock and awe, delivering an unforgettable sonic journey for our fans," noted van Dyk, echoing the ethos that has cemented his legacy in the realms of electronic music. Jordan Gill imbued with a similar spirit, expressed his anticipation: "'Voltage' represents a fusion of our musical worlds, and we can't wait to see how it resonates with the audience."

'Voltage' is more than a testament to the harmony of collaboration. It embodies the transcendence achievable when two generations of electronic maestros converge. Every beat is a pulse, every synth line a narrative, weaving through the shadowy allure of driving techno and the incandescent embrace of progressive house.

In the broader scope of Paul van Dyk's illustrious career, 'Voltage' also heralds the unpredictability and audacity of VENTURE X. Defined by van Dyk, this concept epitomizes the improvisational artistry of DJing. It's a journey where familiar sounds metamorphose, where the audience is not just listeners but co-navigators in an uncharted expedition of electronic ecstasy.

As 'Voltage' adorns the eclectic catalog of VANDIT Alternative, it's not merely a track to be heard but a journey to be experienced. In the ethereal silence post-listening, the echoes of its beats resonate, marking yet another milestone in the boundless universe of techno, inscribed by the indomitable Paul van Dyk and the vibrant Jordan Gill. This is not just music; it's a reverberation of energy felt from the electrified dance floors of Berlin to the pulsating nightclubs of Ibiza.

Paul van Dyk,
Jordan Gill
VANDIT Alternative
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  • September 22 - District - Atlanta, GA 
  • September 23 - M2 - Miami, FL 
  • September 28 - SHINE Ibiza at Club Eden - Ibiza, Spain
  • September 30 - Coca Cola Arena - Dubai
  • October 3 - EDC China 2023 - Zhuhai, China
  • October 5 - Desert Club - Rishon LeZion, Israel
  • October 6 - Outernet - London, UK*
  • October 7 - Trancefest 2023 - Swg3, Glasgow, UK
  • October 14 - Telegraph Belfast, IRE*
  • October 21 - Melkweg Rabozaal - Amsterdam, Netherlands*
  • October 28 - Transmission Poland 2023 - Ergo Arena, Gdansk, Poland
  • November 4 - Ritvales Festival - Parque Norte, Medellín, Colombia
  • November 10 - Stereo Live Houston - Houston, TX
  • November 11 - Stereo Live Dallas - Dallas, TX
  • November 12 - EDC Orlando 2023 - Tinker Field, Orlando, Fl
  • November 17 - Dreamstate Festival 2023 - Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
  • November 18 - Republik - Honolulu, HI
  • December 8 - Silo - Brooklyn, NY*
  • December 9 - Silo - Brooklyn, NY
  • December 15 - Kesselhaus In Der Kulturbrauerei - Berlin, Germany* 
  • December 16 - Kulturbrauerei - Berlin, Germany 

*denotes VENTURE X show 

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