Tony McGuinness of Above & Beyond Narrates Bedtime Tales for World Sleep Day

Above & Beyond Narrates Bedtime Tales for World Sleep Day

In an enchanting blend of storytelling and music, Above & Beyond's Tony McGuinness captivated listeners on World Sleep Day with a special narration of the classic fairytale "Jack and the Beanstalk" on Pandora's Sleep Radio. The event marked a unique collaboration between the celebrated electronic music group and the popular streaming service Pandora, offering an exclusive sleep experience designed to soothe listeners into slumber.

On March 15, Above & Beyond took over Pandora's Sleep Radio to celebrate World Sleep Day, featuring a bedtime story narrated by Tony McGuinness. Accompanying the storytelling were carefully curated playlists showcasing a tranquil selection from the Anjunadeep, Reflections, and Anjunabeats labels and tracks from Above & Beyond's Flow State album. This initiative not only highlighted the group's musical versatility but also their commitment to promoting relaxation and well-being through their ambient sounds.

Above & Beyond’s Sleep Radio Takeover on Pandora

Angus Maxwell, Director of Streaming and Promotions at Involved Productions, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: "We are delighted to have this opportunity with Pandora, not only to take 'Flow State' into its next chapter but also to showcase our wider repertoire of ambient music and incredibly talented artists. This has been a huge focus for us in the last two years, and 2024's 'World Sleep Day Partnership' feels like the perfect opportunity to celebrate and showcase that… while hopefully providing a suitable soundtrack & story to a good night's sleep."

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Above & Beyond, which consists of Jono, Tony, and Paavo, has been a leading figure in the electronic dance music scene for over two decades. They are the founders of the influential Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep labels and are known for their weekly radio show, Group Therapy, which reaches millions of dance music enthusiasts every Friday. With two GRAMMY nominations and a host of sold-out shows at prestigious venues around the world, Above & Beyond continues to be a dominant force in the music industry.

Their involvement in the World Sleep Day event with Pandora is a testament to their evolving artistic journey, which has expanded beyond the dance floor to embrace the soothing realms of ambient music. This partnership served as a platform for Above & Beyond to showcase their softer, more introspective side. It provided listeners with a peaceful soundtrack to enhance their sleep experience, once again proving the group's ability to innovate and captivate audiences in myriad ways.

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